Oh, the giggles!

Sep 12

Oh, the giggles!

Super Fun Dad Brad suggested that we go to the pool last night since it was the last night the pool was open.  I was not feeling like it as I am working on projects and the temperature was in the seventies.  However, Maren asked me to go “for a fun family swim,” and I could not say no to that!  She gave me a big dimpled grin and a hug as she said thank you; it was a tender moment.  Tenderheart is a good word to describe her these days: she has an intense desire to please and views the world with unusually compassionate eyes.


Since I am more of a hot-weather-only swimmer, I had to rally myself to get in the water last night.  I launched in with a mighty cannonball, played pool games with the kids, and was so grateful to Brad and Maren for making a memory moment for us.  It was a hoot, and a great way to end the summer.

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Greta, after the pool last night: “Mom, do you know what a problem solver is?”

Me: “Yes G.  Why?”

Greta: “Do you know that I am a problem solver at my school?”

Me: “I did not know that Greta, but that is awesome!  I am proud of you.”  ::pause::  “Do you know that I have a problem?”

Greta, eyes wide: “What is your problem Mom?”

Me, deadpan: “My little girl does not want to clean her room.”

Greta:  ::Takes off running pellmell for her room.::

Me: Winning!  Thanks Miss E!  We love school!

Locals: tomorrow is Lakota West’s annual Volley for the Cure.  We’ll be there and would love to see you.  Details here.


  1. Kristin /

    Have so much fun at Volley for the Cure!! Wish I could make it! I think it’d be pretty hilarious to see some of us back in action at this point heheheh xoxo

  2. Lisa Smith /

    I love that you cannon-balled your way to family-fun. I’m the same way about getting wet. You are so fun. Love you. Xo

  3. Nancy Zwolinski /

    A precious priceless reminder that we can usually do what we make up our minds to do. And to go at it with such gusto! No “getting used to it” little by little. You went in bombs away. I love that about you. I never miss a post. Always makes me feel, think, smile and pray.

  4. Blessings to you and your sweet family.
    I have a friend here in Columbus that you may or may not know as she told me about your blog. She has stage 4 triple neg. breast cancer and today got the news that the liver is severely compromised and there is nothing more they can do. She is heading home (instead of hospice) to be with her family with weeks left. Her name is Jacqui and I love her and her family. I am at a loss and not sure why I am reaching out to you as I can imagine this isn’t news you like to hear. I know cancer can be a sisterhood of sorts so I guess if you could pray for her too that would be great. I know she looked up to you and loves your spirit.

  5. Cindy Mitchell /

    Jen, loved your story and your pictures… I am sure everyone had a great time..You are the most inspiring person ever.. You are a great person.. Continued prayers for you, your family and others who is doing their best to beat this STUPID CANCER.. Take care, keep blogging, stay strong, and forever in prayers…

  6. LOVE!