Running and goo

Sep 01

Today I feel like a pile of goo.

Yes, you read that correctly: goo.

After an “off again” stretch of my on-again-off-again training method for the upcoming half-marathon, I managed to run 8.91 miles today.  It was a really hard run.  It was hot, it was long, I’m not as conditioned as I would like to be, and I’m 36-years-old.  All of this equals Jen turns to goo in the aftermath.  I’m not sure I can give a good description of what my after-running hours are like today: there is nothing quite like that pushed-it-to-the-absolute-limit physical output feeling.  I’m pumped I finished it but I am also checked out for the rest of the day.

I feel pretty great that I was able to complete this training run and — while I’m full of aches and cricks and twinges — I’m hoping they are short term feelings and not actual injuries.  All of the injury-preventing training guides that are all over the place to guide you how to safely build up mileage to run an event like this have you start slow and gradually build up.  I can’t really follow any of those plans though, because my ability to go for a run is hampered by my chemo-fatigue.  There are some days I just can’t run, and it’s not a lack of will power: if I over-exert I am down-for-the-count (even bedridden if I really overdo it) for days afterward.  So my hodgepodge training schedule is not approved by any fitness gurus and I’m running on a wing and prayer.

That’s kind of the point of this whole exercise though: running a half-marathon is a daunting challenge for me.  The other big benefit of the half marathon is that it forces me to get myself in the best shape possible; this is necessary for the half-marathon, but I’m also optimistic it will make my overall energy level better and help me cope with the treatment side effects better.  The stronger my body, the more I can absorb the chemo, right?  That’s my strategy, at least.  Funny–that one’s not sanctioned by the professionals either.  A wing and a prayer, for sure!

My next treatment is a week away (golly that cycles around fast!), so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a few more training runs in as well as the Not Forgotten 5k.  The next race I’m signed up for is the Back2Back Ministries Not Forgotten 5k.  Brad, Maren, Greta and I are going to run/walk together as a family.  We’re having conversation with the girls that we’re doing this to better the lives of orphans throughout the world.  Back2Back partners with communities to give orphans care for today and hope for tomorrow.  When I signed up for this one, I did so with a weighty heart: you see, my worst-case-scenario is that I’m not here to raise my daughters and Brad has to be a single parent to them.  I shudder.  The orphans of the world, though are parent-less.  How fortunate are my girls to have two parents who love them so completely?  How can we help all children to know this love?  That’s why we are participating in this 5k.  As a family, we are hoping to raise funds to support our effort for the organization.  To donate to our race, follow this link, and search for “Anderson”.  All four of us are signed up so you can donate to any one of us.  Thank you for considering supporting us in this.

Running is good for my soul.  Managing the time and energy output is no joke, and I am grateful to Brad and the girls who are supporting me and cheering me.  Friends and family are running with me in a variety of ways which make it far more fun and keep me motivated.  I feel like goo tonight, but I am hopeful that I will be back-to-normal (whatever that means) by tomorrow morning.

Cheers to goo!  It means I pushed my body to the limit, and that is something that I can be proud of.


  1. Lisa Smith /

    Thought of you this morning as I attempted a sunrise beach run… I wasn’t clocking it, but think I did at least a mile before I had to stop due to cough-puke situation. (Getting over a nasty virus, on week 5 with cough-and I seriously did cough so hard I puked last week.) ‘HOW DOES JEN DO THIS!?!?’ was my sentiment… Love You.

  2. Kim Rourke /

    Way to go Lady Goo Goo!

  3. Kristin Russo /