Smiles, old and new

Mar 25

Smiles, old and new

I love many things about the preschool my girls go to.  The teachers are amazing people who really enjoy spending several hours a week with a herd of tiny people.  (I could never be a preschool teacher; give me teenagers any day!)  Our preschool has curbside drop-off and pick-up which means that I can and do take my girls to school in my pajamas.  No schlepping for me, thankyouverymuch.  They teach manners and values and they sing the sweetest prayer before they eat their snacks.  It’s awesome.  Part of the rigorous three-year-old preschool curriculum includes field trips.  In the fall, they visit a pumpkin farm.  In the spring, they go here:



Yes, they go to Stan the Donut Man, where they learn about donut-making (how’s that for a life skill?), play with dough, try the tools, and generally learn new things.  The Donut Man himself does a great job with the kids and it’s really a sweet little excursion.  As you can imagine, my children LOVE it, and here they are, at Stan the Donut Man’s baking table.  Greta last week, and Maren four years ago.

IMG_5159 IMG_3584

I was downloading pictures today (stuck at home without my car again), and I couldn’t not share these cute donut experts.

I hope they make you smile.

Thanks to all of you who have been reflecting and rippling the love, joy and hope I’m putting into the world back to me and on to others.  I find it really awesome to see such goodness blooming in my corner of the world.  I’m blessed.

Smiles are contagious.



  1. Lisa Smith /

    I was car-less today also! Xoxo

  2. Lindsay l /

    Best doughnuts in Cinci–no question! We Weigands would know, trust me. 😉 And although sadly we don’t go to that preschool anymore post-move, that drop-off saved me. So glad I took your advice on that one, friend!!

  3. How organized you are to have the photos from both girls four years apart!

  4. Emily Smith /

    This post is awesome. Those photos totally brought a smile to my rainy morning! LOVE the drive to school in the PJ’s . . . I do the same thing when we don’t make it in time for the bus 🙂
    Love to you Jen!

  5. peggy /

    Donuts always put a smile on my face…and so do these cute little girls! ♥p