On our knees together

Sep 18

Do you know what we did to celebrate Monday’s news of continued NED (NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE–WOO!)?

Brad, Maren, Greta and I — we all played Lego in the basement together.

It was a perfect evening.

There was no feasting, no phone calls/updates (love the blog!), not even any dancing.

It was a normal-busy-family-weeknight.  We finished school/work/day, we did the evening runaround practice/eat, and then we played.  It was wonderful, really.  Brad built something like a rover: a very man-like thing that drives.  I made a two story house and tried not to care about color and symmetry.  Greta made a “jungle”; she also spent a lot of time complimenting our work: “Mommy, that is excellent building you are doing right there.  Daddy I love that blue piece you put on.”  Maren made a little cabana of sorts; her Lego-creating is time-consuming and largely quiet–just like me as a child.  She’s moving mountains around with that bright mind of hers.

Brad and I deposited our lists and our obligations and felt the great weight of gratitude.  It’s not coincidence that we spent an hour literally on our knees with our family that night.  There is no cancer corroding our family.  It’s now that I cry with relief and gratitude.

We do not take each other for granted.  We do not take playtime for granted.  We honor the blessings and the God who gives them by being the very best Jen, Brad, Maren and Greta we can be.  And it’s enough.  It’s always enough.


  1. Catherine Butterworth /

    Normal is the very best.

  2. Lindsay /

    Thrilled for you and your great news!!

  3. Karin Eppert /

    I too, am crying with relief and gratitude for you as I read this. Our Abba is a great and mighty God. He is enough!! YAY!!!!

  4. Katie Adams /

    So grateful for NED. And thank you for the reminder that normal is a good. I often get “bored” with normal but what a blessing and gift it is from above. Blessings to you and the family!!

  5. Love it! Prayers will continue.

  6. Proof that miracles do happen. Praise be to God! I’m so happy for you and your family. Your faithfulness is rewarded.

  7. We are all crying tears of relief right along with you. So happy for you and your family, and for the reminder that each day is special.

  8. Kathi Roth /

    Praise God! Love NED!!!

  9. Christin /

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  10. This is such a nice post. Gratitude leads to a kind of peace over everything. Glad that your family is taking the time to enjoy it.


  11. Yes!!!

  12. NED is such an incredibly gracious gift!