Best in the world

Sep 03

Best in the world

Now that Maren is off to school every day, Greta and I are getting a lot of one-on-one time.  She still gets sad when Maren gets on the big yellow bus, but she doesn’t wail, so I consider that a success.

I try to schedule our days so that we roll at a meandering pace.  We have time to get the little kid-sized cart at the grocery store (one of her very most favorite things) and we use teamwork as we make our way through the store.  We both get to practice having patience with the other.  My achilles have taken a few hits from that kiddie cart.  Her food repertoire is slowly expanding, and I think letting her make more choices at the grocery store is helping widen her horizons.

Greta and shoes.  It’s hilarious.  She’s always been something of a shoe diva which baffles me somewhat.  She changes footwear hourly and tries them on in the foyer before setting them next to the door to the garage so she knows which pair she is wearing when we go out.  (We have a no shoes in the house rule, so this is her compromise.)  She wears socks, and prefers loud, patterned knee socks with most of her footwear, including her sandals.  It’s so not-matchy it’s almost back to stylish again.  I kind of love her fashion sense (nonsense?)  It’s fun and playful, just like G.


We went to the dentist and Greta had her first check-up.  She watched big sister go first, held Maren’s hand when “Sissy was ner-bous”, and then was a brave champ when her turn rolled around.  The thumb’s up picture is so G.  She’s using her strong will for good and overcoming the fear that is so clearly written on her face with sheer willpower.

IMG_2965 IMG_2960


She learned to swim with no floatie in August.  Classic G, again.  She made infinitely more progress once swimming lessons (entire month of June) were over than she did during the actual swimming lessons.  But, the end result is the same, and I’m so proud of her.  She could be on swim team next year if we maintain this skill over the winter.  Wouldn’t that be something?!




She sings.  Often.  She makes up her own words and tune and goes for it with gusto.  She’ll stop and act embarrassed if we make a scene out of watching her, but it is so fun to listen to.  I love it.

She has a new favorite stuffed animal daily.  She’ll cuddle it and snuggle it and shriek when she can’t find it, but then before I know it, she’s cast it aside and has a new one that is her new favorite.

Chief sister takes Greta on outings a lot.  Most of the time they go to the zoo, but occasionally they mix it up by going to the park or the aquarium.  Greta literally cannot contain her excitement on Chief-y days, as she calls them.  She’ll tell you her best friend is her Aunt Chief.  I’m so grateful that Chief’s made such a commitment to G–I really don’t know which one of them has more fun on their days together.  Today I got this picture from them:  (not coincidentally, I also have time to blog today.)



Greta says “busy” when she really means “dizzy”.

She loves to pack bags and purses and will do it every day if I unpack them and put all the stuff back.

She points to words and “reads”–aka makes up a story.  It’s awesome to listen to her imagination and to see where she draws her cues.

She prays very seriously with her hands folded and her eyes closed.  Or she totally ignores the prayer.  It’s one or the other… no in-between for this girl.

Tonight during stories she cuddled up to me and said “You are the best mommy in the world.”

Me, melting.  “Awww, thanks G.”

“And Daddy is the best Daddy in the world, and I’m the best Greta in the world.  Add even Maren is the best Maren in the world.”

“You are so right Greta, I love our family.”

She nuzzled into me again, “Me too Mama.  I wuv you.”


  1. We all “wuv” you! You have captured a great Greta summer of how she is a 3 year old. So glad you wrote all this down.

  2. Lori6NV /

    Isn’t having a 3 year old just the best! Best of luck with the back-to-school chaos!

  3. Leah Chapman /

    Love this!!!! She sounds a lot like Dylan … they could do some damage if they got together I think 🙂

  4. Marsha Vonderwish /

    I’m so very thankful that you are having such happy, normal days!

  5. You covered so much with lots of love. I feel like I just leap-frogged through getting to know Greta so much better. Yeah to G for knowing who she is. Yeah to you for celebrating it.

    I hope we can get our girls together soon.

  6. This is such an awesome snapshot of G! Thank you for sharing with us. Someday it will be a treasure for her to read, too.
    Part of why I blog is to share who I am with my kids and grandkids someday; your post today reminds me to share with them who THEY are through my eyes. Thank you for that, too.