Normal sick

May 19

My people at the oncology office were awesome as usual this morning.  They talked amongst themselves and decided that it would be prudent to get a chest x-ray.  I love that about my office: cancer doctors are not the “watch and wait” type.  Those folks get stuff done.

So I had a chest x-ray this morning and got the results late-morning.  (I love “stat” orders.  Although I wish I were medically boring enough to not always have “stat” attached to my orders.  But I digress… )

My chest x-ray was perfectly normal: no pneumonia and, more importantly, no suspicious spots of any kind.


The verdict from my medical staff is that I am indeed Normal Sick.  I never thought I’d be doing a happy dance that this is Day 13 of a Normal Sickness.

It’s a breezy, sunny day in the seventies–near perfect weather.  Greta and I had a picnic lunch.  we are sitting on the back patio with the hose and buckets and water table.  We’re washing the winter grime off our summer toys and playing together.  As I wash, I’m picturing washing away the germs and infection and sickness so that I, too, am fresh and ready for summer.

I’m making the most of a low-key day with my favorite three!-year-old, and I’m thankful for the ever-present perspective in my life that reminds me to always, always be grateful.  I’m praising the Lord and counting my blessings today.  Normal sick.  Yes, a blessing indeed.


  1. Amy Wheeler /

    Praise God for “Normal Sick!!”

  2. Rose /

    I prayed for normal sick. PTL.

  3. Jen Powers /

    YAY Jesus for normal sick!! A happy dance is in order.

  4. Ann Yelle /

    Wooooo Hooooo!! Normal sick…yah!

  5. Ami /

    Thanks Heavens for just being a cold virus! Take lots of zinc (it helps kills viri of any type) and I will be praying for this sunshine to dry up the yucky sick feeling that is weighing you down. But I am guessing the diagnosis of “just a cold” has lifted your spirits and killed off the germs already. 🙂

  6. Sharon /

    Always believing in you (and God and prayer)and your overachieving persona who overachieves in everything including being normal sick. Now get inside, write no to do lists, think no to do lists, and crawl into bed and “be sick” so you can “be well.” Have girls nearby and nap while they watch Frozen one more time.

  7. Linda Howard /

    Although I read every post and pray for you, I don’t often comment…. but today I am woo hooing and thanking the Lord for “normal sick”…. Praying now for just plain normal and a great summer for you and your family….. You are an inspiration to so many…. Lifting you to the throne of grace…..


  9. Patty /

    Yes you can get a big whoooooooooooo hooooooooooo! So happy to hear the good news.

  10. Rachel /

    Such happy news!!! I like your analogy of washing the germs away… 🙂

  11. Rita O'Brien /


  12. Jeanne Anderson /

    Wooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!

  13. laura /

    Praise praise praise!!!! Rejoicing with you today!

  14. Angela /

    Woooo hoooo! I always check in with your blog to make sure you’re doing good. I’m rooting for you all the time! Much love 🙂

  15. annie /

    I love when small (big?) miracles just show themselves. 🙂 God is Comfort.

  16. Rejoicing with you!!!

  17. WooHoo. So happy to hear of those x-ray results. Enjoy… as one can when ill and not otherwise committed.

  18. Bonnie J /

    Praise the Lord Jen !! Yet another day of rejoicing = Normal sick !! Feel better very soon. .

  19. Lori6NV /

    Such good news! Except you’re still sick! Get better soon!