Happy Orange

Dec 17

Happy Orange

I’m buzzing on my steroid high tonight.  Since this is my second time at the rodeo chemo, I’m sort of in the know when it comes to chemo tips and tricks.  Being an experienced chemo patient was not on the bucket list, but it does have it’s perks.

Last time, it took me many, many rounds of chemo before I realized that on treatment day, I wouldn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning.  This was an insightful revelation: instead of spending those frustrating hours in bed tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling, I learned to embrace the energy that the steroids give me, and to make use of the time.  Energy is a valuable commodity for me when I’m a chemo patient, so it is nice to have a block of time where I know I can get a lot of things done.  The fact that it also comes at a time when the rest of my family is asleep practically guarantees that it will be productive time.

I had a really enjoyable day today in the Chemo Room.  I was there from 10:40 to 4:45, and sat next to a really nice group of chatty ladies.  Conversation was easy and light and hopeful.  Since I can’t drive due to my recent surgery, I was gifted rides to and from Chemo.  It made the day that much better to have such love on the bookends.

I was practically assaulted in orange all day long: you with your orange highlighters, orange juice and orange clothing.  I was especially entertained by the orange-clothed folk who had to dredge their closets for old Halloween wear or not-really-seasonally-appropriate sports wear.  Highly amusing for this girl, I tell you!  I am easy to please!

I was gifted my orange attire, lucky-for-me, as orange is not, shall we say, a staple in this redhead’s wardrobe: shirt from my favorite stored, necklace, scarf, hat, and socks.


And here’s the orange awesomeness that I encountered today:

An orange feast:


A team of Diva’s who brought in delectable homemade orange treats that were enjoyed by all the patients in the Chemo Room.  It injected a great deal of conversation and fun into the room today–everyone was caught up in the kindness of their grand and over-the-top gesture.  And I did have to explain why–on December 16th–everything was orange.  Several times.


Baby Sister gave me a whole bag of hand blown glass Christmas ornaments that she made this month.  They were gorgeous, and she called the collection “Happy Thought Bubbles”.  Don’t they look happy?



So, as I gave away ornaments happy thought bubbles to every. single. patient. in the Chemo Room today, this became the scene overhead:



Happy Thoughts were literally bumping up agains the IV bags of drugs at the top of our poles.  How’s that for some good chemo mojo?

This girl felt really, really loved today.  And that’s a great thing to feel on any day, but especially on Chemo Day.  Thank you; big or small, all of your efforts build to a crescendo that is overwhelmingly awesome to experience.

Love wins.

Thank you for giving me the encouragement to continue to Do Today Well.


  1. Oh. Happy heart. Yay. Do today well. Remind me I can do that. Prayers!

  2. ***you always remind me I can do that! Thank you.

  3. Kim Rourke /

    Jen, you are surrounded by angels! Clever, creative, angels who know how to wrap you in love every minute. I am soooo happy you have this gang and that they made Orange Chemo Day another triumph for do today well.

  4. LOVE the “Happy Thought Bubbles”…everyone should have a few of those! Glad we could be a very small part of your support team…we did all sorts of “orangy” things here in FL. Now… go use all of that steroid energy to have fun with those precious little girls and your handsome prince!!! ♥p

  5. Bonnie BJ /

    It’s a pleasure beyond words to Help in any way possible ♡♡♡ so glad the day was awash in ORANGE. Sometimes it IS the little things that can bring such deep-down-to-the-bottom-of-your-heart JOY. Praying that orange continues to wash over you !!

  6. I wasn’t looking fwd to your orange day, but I was bc Orange is the best (my favorite) in the rainbow. I couldn’t get a good photo but Connor was wearing an orange Just League (bayman&superman&green lantern…) shirt. And since I love orange so much- I was head to toe orange (EvErYtHiNg), except for my jeans…I have yet to buy orange pants! LoL this is late, but I prayed and thought about you all day!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  7. Your light shines brightly. Love & prayers from Seattle.

    For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
    —2 Corinthians 4:6

  8. I think your sister could market those happy thought bubbles and they could be displayed throughout the year as a reminder to do every day well. I would buy one or several 🙂 Hook me up with her so to speak. Glad you are “unhooked” today and got orange day behind you…

    Love you dearly
    Warrior to the North

  9. Amy Wheeler /

    Brilliant. In every way. You go, girl.

  10. I think you will love this video.

  11. Tiffany Green /

    Beautiful lady in orange! Hope you’re feeling OK today and I’m lifting you up in prayers today and every day!

  12. Jen, I was thinking of you throughout the last couple of days as you greeted this new round of orange chemo and you look so beautiful in your orange attire. Go orange!!

  13. Hillary S. in DE /

    Happy Thought Bubbles are the BEST!!!! I would love to order them as well. WOW, amazing– happy and soothing at the same time. Had my orange on and thought of you all day. Glad it went well. Hope the next several days are easy too. Praying for you!!!

  14. Well miss Jen, you are a talented writer and your sister has some talent going on also. The happy thought bubbles were beautiful. I love to see your smiling face on your blogs, that tells me you are Doing Today Well! Prayers and Hugs to you all.

  15. Mary Beth Timmel /

    You are amazing. Such a great chemo cheerleader. Your support and encouragement for all of the other patients warms my heart. Mondays are my favorite days to be a chemo nurse. The energy- some might call it chaos- reminds me why I love my job. You are an example for all.

  16. It never ceases to amaze me how wrapped in love you are. What a fantastic way to live..to Do Today Well! Your openness to others, your gift of seeing the greater spirit in all of us, is enchanting and inspiring. So glad you are finding ways to celebrate each chemo round but then you always find the Light.

  17. Happy Thought Bubbles! Love them.
    I got to work and looked down and saw that I had orange in my scarf — a happy coincidence as it reminded me of you all day long, along with the orange highlighter.