A series of Aprils

Apr 18

A series of Aprils

I love spring.  I always have.  It’s a time of hope and promise and the green is evidence that life abounds.  I was going to post a picture, but then I started looking at pictures from Aprils of the past, and I decided to post a series of April pics.  (If you get my blogs via email, you may have to go to the site to see the pics–sorry!  I am still a techno-goober with no ability to troubleshoot.)

April 2004: Brad and I on our honeymoon.  (We got married New Year’s Eve, but took our honeymoon over my spring break.)  Did you know I was a history teacher in my professional life?  Happy days as newlyweds.

IMG_0219Skip a couple of years, and fast forward to April 2007.  How cute is she???  My sweet Maren–6 years ago!

Proud MomApril 2008.  Maren, NanaRozzer, and I traveled to Australia so that Maren could meet my amazing Australian family.  This trip was (mostly) paid for using the savings account I built into as a teenager babysitting.  How/Why that money wasn’t spent during college, I’ll never know.  But these memories are priceless.  How’s this for a four generation shot? (L to R: Maren, Me, Rozzer, GGma Ma)  I love this picture; it is so representative of our awesome family.

2471945983_21fd7ea528_oApril 2009.  We’re living in a different state, and Maren is the same age in this picture as Greta is today.  Craziness.


April 2010.  Brad and I went to Europe to celebrate his graduation from Chicago Booth with his MBA.  I love that we took a big trip at the 6 1/3 year mark in our marriage.  We don’t wait for the round numbers around here.  Here’s to us in Cinque Terre!


April 2011.  Almost Greta time.  Happy anticipation for becoming a family of four.  Full of hope and joy.

IMG_3678April 2012.  One month into my cancer journey, and this April day remains one of my best memories of my life.  I remember being full of hope on this day, too: if losing my hair can be a happy day, anything is possible.  Cancer free is possible.

IMG_0162April 2013.  Today, I am cancer free.  I’m off to a writer’s workshop in another state today.  I’m both excited and nervous.  Having Writer on my resume still seems a little presumptuous, and I feel incredibly amateur.  But come what may.  I do know that this trip requires me to be bold, and I got a boost of courage along with cancer.  I say yes more, I risk more, I put myself out there more.  Cheers to April adventures,  hope, and dreaming big.


(Maren snapped this last one with my phone while I was writing this post.  It’s me, today, as I am: full of April hope!)

April blessings to you!


  1. Rebecca /


  2. Jessica /

    How cute is Maren? How cute are you!! The really amazing part is YOUR cancer gives us ALL a boost of courage as well. Thank you for that. Jessica

  3. Peggy /

    You always help me put a new spin on my life. Thank you! Enjoy every minute of your writer’s workshop…and share the experience. I, too, enjoy putting my thoughts on paper…a memory trail, if you will. Every year you’ll have an “April picture” to add to yours…and maybe share with all of us.

  4. Brian and Alicia /

    We miss you guys! Time for a road trip to that “different” state.

  5. Katie /

    Loved this post. You are such a remarkable inspiration. I feel blessed to be able to share in your life and your journey.

  6. Patty /

    What a journey and so much more ahead for you all!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures, loved the generations one!!! Yes cancer really does make us bold and unafraid. Enjoy your workshop, so glad that you are going.

  8. Jennifer /

    one of my favorite posts!

  9. Kim Rourke /

    Can only guess at April 2014…. a book….? Happy workshop!

  10. It seems strange (to me, anyway) that of all your posts, this is the one that made me cry! Your pictures demonstrated in such powerful way how a person’s life and joy and love are not restricted by the difficult and painful circumstances we experience. Thanks for sharing! –Jennifer
    P.S. So happy for your opportunity to go the writer’s workshop!

  11. lindsay /

    I love this!! 🙂

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  13. Wonderful trip down your memory lane!

  14. I’m inspired by this post and I might have to borrow the idea. 🙂 Such a great perspective checker. 🙂 Thank you. I had such a great weekend that started with you! (My blog address should link, but just in case it doesn’t…www.mysinglemamalife.com)