Scan Day

Jan 23

My PET scan is today (Wednesday 1/23) at 1:30pm.  The PET scan will confirm for me that there is still No Evidence of Disease (NED), that there is no cancer in my body.  The PET was on the radar for February, but the scheduler put me in a slot 2 weeks early.  It was not bumped up because of any medical reason, but simply because it was convenient.  And I’m good with that–I didn’t argue.  I want to get these clean results and move on to living my regular life.  I’ve got plans and cancer better not get in my way!

I’ll get my results before the weekend, so that will be good.  I will blog the results as soon as I get them, because I know you want to know.

I can’t eat or drink anything except water until after the test today, so it’s sort of a forced fasting.  Which is appropriate, I think, for the gravity of the occasion.  I’ll be fasting and praying all morning.  And then I’ll commute to the hospital, be injected with radioactive dye, lie still for an hour, and then slide into a giant metal donut which will silently seek out cell activity.  My daughters will be well-loved with Phenom and the Fun family, so I’ll have all of the hours I’m not in the donut to do as I please.  It is set up to be a relaxing, Jen-centered day, and I hope to make the most of it.  I have some projects I am working on and I am happy to use my down time to fuel my soul.

I feel good.  I can do this.  I can Do Today Well.

I’d love it if you would pray with me today: pray for a clean scan!

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. –Psalm 16:8


  1. I have been silent due to some family drama but as always thinking of you especially today…stay away cancer or else!!!
    Sending positive energy your way….Smooch!

  2. Rachel McGonigle /

    Joshua 1:9 praying for you today!

  3. Aussie Sarah /

    You CAN do today well! Keeping you and NED in my thoughts!!

  4. Christin /

    I’m a little late- but praying, still!

  5. Lisa M /

    On my knees on your behalf!

  6. “My peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you”. You are covered in prayer and love.

  7. Linda (aka. T) /

    Hi Jen…….just letting you know that you and your family are in our thoughts today and everyday. Sending you prayers from Cleveland.

  8. Denise O'Mara /

    Hi Gorgeous, we are all sending our love and heaps of prayers.
    Sending you a big bubble of support.

  9. You can do this! Prayers coming from Texas!!!!!

  10. Praying from Florida, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Be strong, luv ya girl!

  11. More prayers from Florida…sent up with warm and sunny thoughts…

  12. Praying for you and NED!! Love you! Lauri & Dale

  13. Prayers and love from Alabama!

  14. Looks like you have quite a few sunshiny Florida prayers headed your way today, and here’s another! Wishing an entirely unremarkable PET scan for you, so that you may stay completely boring and totally NED’ed. —Jen with two boys

  15. Patty Wheeler /

    I am praying for great news!

  16. kathleen /

    Another sunshiny Florida prayer sent your way…

  17. Marion /

    Sending prayers up for you today! You will rock this test!!!

  18. Susan Walsh /

    Lifting you up in prayer from Albuquerque.

  19. Jeanne /

    I am sending my special prayer for good NED news.

  20. Kathy Parker /

    Sending prayers up from Edgewater, Florida. God bless you on this beautiful day!

  21. Sending LOVE, HUGS and PRAYERS! You Go Girl and DO EXCEPTIONALLY WELL TODAY! Love, Aunt annie

  22. My prayer for you is that you feel the peace that passes understanding. And for a clean scan, of course! Holding you close in Seattle.

  23. Owengirl79 /

    Prayers from NC!!!

  24. Praying for you!

  25. Read this a few minutes before your appointment time… stopped to pray. ♥ Just letting you know!

  26. Praying for you this very minute, 1:30 on the dot! Trusting and believing…

  27. Sharon Hajek /

    Wrapping you in prayer in Tennessee.