Write out loud

Jan 10

I write because it’s how I process.  I step away from each post with a sense of closure, a feeling that I am content, and resolute in my goals.  Good or bad, writing it down always helps me get to a place of peace.  I fight hard for peace; everything is better when I am peaceful (just ask Brad).  Writing has always been enjoyable for me, and now, in this season of life, I have more purpose in my words than ever before.  It feels good.

I plan on continuing to write, and I do hope that you, my people, continue to read.  In writing about my life, I feel a togetherness in being a part of yours.  An unexpected blessing of blogging has been the camaraderie I feel with the people who comment; there have been days where the words in the comment section have buoyed my spirits remarkably.  Thank you readers, thank you.

I’m interested in developing my blog beyond the generic format I have going on here.  While it is the words, and the heart behind them, that the most important, I’d like it to be more organized.  I’d like to be able to search better.  I’d like it to look interesting.  I’d like it to be a better representation of me.  I’d like to engage in a back and forth dialogue with readers–or rather, friends, as I think of you.  A teensy problem with this is that I have no idea how to do any of it.  It is a small miracle that I was even able to initiate a generic blog, and I find that my random investigative clicks in the admin panel are getting me nowhere.

I’ve looked into gaining some web development skills, but I quickly got overwhelmed.  I am one of the Dummies that those books are marketing to, yet I can’t even figure out which book to buy.  I don’t understand the jargon in the reviews, so that’s not helpful.  Googling is useful for “where to buy bunk bed mattress,”  not so much “how to learn complex web skills during very short nap time of small child.”

Are you a web developer who is interested in helping me make my corner of the Internet a little more me?  Oh, and are you willing to do it for free?  If so, please email me at andersonfamilyzoo (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thanks in advance for helping me to continue to write out loud.  And most of all, thanks for reading and praying for me.


  1. Michelle /

    I am probably even more clueless than you are, so I cannot offer my help. However, I wanted you to know that reading your blog as been such an incredible blessing to me. I love reading about how you’re doing every day well, and I love reading about what Maren and Greta are doing. I can feel your pride over them through your words. I have cried many, many tears while reading this blog. I talk to my husband about you and your family as if I hang out with you every day (and, yes, he thinks I’m nuts LOL!). When I see an email from your blog pop up in my inbox I get excited. Thank you for sharing your experience, your family, and your heart with me and the rest of the folks here. You are incredible!

  2. dubljb@fuse.net /


  3. Sharon Hajek /

    Ditto to everything Michelle wrote. She did it beautifully and accurately. As always I will pray and believe that things will fall into place when it’s the right time. In the meantime, dear one, delight in your giftedness, insight, humor, faith, and courage that you share generously with us. Thank you. Love and prayers without ceasing.

  4. I don’t feel qualified to do design work or give a tutorial, but I do feel fairly competent with WordPress.com and my little blog. I actually learned what I do know from:
    1. Reading WordPress for Dummies (I checked it out from the library)
    2. Looking things up on the WordPress forum:
    3. Trial and error
    Feel free to throw a question my way.

    So glad you plan to continue “writing out loud!”

  5. I’ve been reading your blog since day one and praying for you ever since. Before I read your blog, I really didn’t pray all that much, but you were one of the reasons I started talking to God again, so I think maybe he’s put me here to help you out in return. I’m a designer (my website is perceptivitystudio.com), and I’ve actually just started building WordPress-based websites that are fantastic for blogging. I’m a work-at-home mama, so as long as you’re willing to bear with me on timing, I can help you put together something pretty to continue sharing your words with us all. If someone else out there can do it faster than I can, no worries, you can totally work with them, but since no one else has raised their hand yet, I’m raising mine. 🙂 —Jen with two boys

  6. Hi Jen, lovin staying connected through your blog! I am including the address of my brother’s blog, you may get some ideas from his site. http://guts-chris.blogspot.ca

  7. jen powers /

    Hi Jen – love that you are continuing to blog. Still my homepage. Glad you know I am not a stalker. Just want you to know you continue to inspire me to lean even further into Jesus as you trust Him with the process. Your tenacity of spirit to stay the course and yet be blunt, real, honest, and raw continues to wow me. Thank you for such a powerful example. Praying you find the info you are searching for. Hope to hug you soon.

  8. Blogger makes it pretty easy. Your layout can be as simple or complicated as you choose. They offer quite a few gadgets to customize your page.
    Most important, keep writing. You’ve been a huge inspiration.

  9. Jenn t /

    I check for your new posts daily still. Would love to see something fancy shmancy! I don’t do the email alert to new posts thingy because it gets me super excited when I go here and see there’s a new post…. 🙂 and did apple ever fix your computer?!?

  10. Keep writing! Your perspectives are a breath of fresh air. Sorry that I can’t help with developing your site. I wish I knew more about that kind of stuff…