Oct 18

Dr. Razzle came into the exam room today and asked, “So, do you have a blog?”

“Erm, yeees.”  I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable that this question has come up twice in the last week.

“Do you call me Dr. Razzle on your blog?”

Me, sort of mortified, “Yes!  How do you know that?!”  I’ve given Drs. Wonderful and Awesome print-outs of my blogs that highlight them, but I haven’t gotten around to giving Dr. Razzle “her” posts yet.

Laughing, Dr. Razzle told me that one of her colleagues forwarded her my blog.  Apparently it has been circulated in the radiology department of another hospital.  How or why it is being circulated, I have no idea.  But Dr. Razzle’s colleague read the blog and then “accused” her of being Dr. Razzle.  I think her colleague identified her by the nickname I chose: Razzle.  It just suits her.

Dr. Razzle rocks.  She talks to me like a real person, she has a really fun sense of style, and, well, she just has this pizazz about her that creates an aura of fun and enthusiasm.  The woman has panashe.  She is a tiny little thing, but she charges through the hallways leaving smiles and good cheer in her wake.  Recently she transferred to a new hospital (fortuitous timing for me), and she has been here for a month.  Two different staff members have told me that she is their very favorite doctor on staff: quite an impression to make in such a short time.

Before March, I had no idea that there was a whole area of medicine called Radiation Oncology: it’s all about nuking cancer sites.  I listen to the radiation techs every day, and I have found one of the very few careers where advanced mathematics are actually used on a daily basis.  They use angles and tangents and graphs and all kinds of math-y stuff to properly administer the radiation.  Dr. Razzle is the creator of the plan and oversees my radiotherapy.

My doctors are all so different, and they all bring such different personalities and specialties to the table.  It’s amazing orchestra of science-y greatness.  I feel blessed to know, and hug, and love these doctors.  Healers, people, healers.

Today Dr. Razzle complimented me on how awesome my skin is looking.  I grinned, and told her, “Red hair, schmed hair,” referencing the comment she made when I first met her, that red heads and fair-skinned people tend to react and burn more significantly than our melatonin-laden counterparts.

She grinned and said, “Freckles, schmeckles,” back.

Luckily, she doesn’t seem to be too mad that I’m writing about her semi-anonymously on the Internet.  Phew. I feel the need to stay in her good graces because she’s literally pointing nuclear lasers at me every day!


  1. I’m keeping up with you & continuing to pray. Thanks for staying in touch. You are one busy momma. God’s Blessings!

  2. Oh Jen, that was a great entry, since Norm and I just met Dr. Razzle on Monday for the first time, we really had a good laugh reading your blog. You are making this journey fun for all of us, including Dr. Razzle I presume.
    Enjoy the day:)

  3. MommaJ /

    How fun to read this first thing in the morning 😉 Dr. Razzle was probably pretty tickled to find herself in print. She probably is as blessed by you as you are of her Jen!!! Praying your day is a special one as you continue on your journey…stars and all 😉

  4. LOL Jen ~ This is Great !!!! And Your Blog Continues 🙂 Have a Wonderful Day 🙂

  5. If I was one of your doctors, I would be incredibly proud to be featured in your blog. You are definitely a *star* patient! 😀

  6. What a fun…and interesting…post! I didn’t know advanced math was involved, but it makes perfect sense. And how wonderful to have Dr Razzle on your team!