A pink project

Oct 11

Sometimes the love comes from the sweetest of places.

Phenom’s daughter, Shine, initiated the idea of doing a fundraiser for breast cancer in my honor.  She and her friend have spent the last six weeks making the cutest bracelets out of pop tabs and lanyard string.  (I have one and wear it a lot–I get lots of compliments.)  The bracelets are super-adorable, and handmade by an amazing 10-year-old and a fabulous 11-year-old.  The families of the girls have supported the project while maintaining the delicate balance that it is their project.  (As a mom, I believe that those moms should be bursting with pride: a self-initiated service project is pretty much a pinnacle of awesomeness for any child to reach.  I’m bursting with pride, and I’m not their mom!)

The girls collected pop tabs from their neighbors, school, and church communities.  They hand-made each and every bracelet: hours of time.  They have gone on the morning announcements at school to advertise for the fundraiser.  Today and tomorrow, they are selling the bracelets for five dollars at their school during drop-off time.  They were interviewed by the local newspaper and an article about their project appeared today.  Whatever doesn’t sell at school tomorrow will be sold to the waiting list of friends and community members who have heard about their efforts.  All of the proceeds will be donated to a local breast cancer support organization, the Pink Ribbon Girls.

I love the heart of these girls (and families) and their selfless service to love me and the breast cancer survivor community.

I love the heart of the people that buy the bracelets to support a good cause, and to support the service project initiated by two young tweenagers.

I love love.

Thanks girls.  Shine on.


  1. You inspire us all. Tweenagers and 60 year olds.

  2. Jen ~ Can you see my smile???? I’ll buy one 🙂 Let me know if they aren’t all sold 🙂 Children are the best !!!!!!! 🙂

  3. I’ll buy one ,if there are any left. So cool when kids feel empowered to make a difference. Lesson for all of us

  4. Bravo! Big pat on the back to these girls and their project! Normally, I would say something about how great the world would be if we could clone them, but upon further reflection I think their work and dedication will rub off on countless other kiddos (and maybe some adults?!?!) and that’s even better than cloning! 😉

  5. Can you send a link to the article, please? I’ve been following your blog since the start and I’m so glad you’re NED.

  6. Angela /

    Shine on indeed!! Love this story. LOVE IT. All aspects of it. Love!!

  7. MommaJ /

    Othercenteredness is such a gift and truly a passion directed from the Lord. I too would love to get one if any are left. Bless you Jen and bless the young ladies who at such a young age understand the desire to bless others. Actions DO speak louder than words. My day is a little shinier!!

  8. Marsha Vonderwish /

    How ‘cool’ is that! Someone has done some great parenting!

  9. Feeling that love all the way down here in South Florida.

  10. Awesome! Send that into Parents magazine… they love to feature great kids and good causes!