Sep 12


Well, it was two weeks ago.  I haven’t really blogged much about it.  The highlights are pretty much that Dr. Awesome aced her job and cut all of the cancer that was left after chemo.

So now, I am NED and cancer-free!

Everything else kind of pales in comparison, so it seems insignificant to blather about pain, side effects, drains, body image, and general gimpiness.  Should I leave it at that?  Do you want to know more?

The hardest part of surgery is that it necessitated I step out of my normal life.  Staying at my parents’ house was definitely the right call: I can’t imagine the physicality of my regular life right now.  (Ouch.  And thank you SuperGramma.)  Happily, I’ve been able to see a lot of Maren; she moves between school, friends, me, Brad, and SuperGramma with ease.  SuperGramma is on Greta-duty, except when Brad is able to step in and relieve her.  I can’t wait to get my strength back so I can be “all in” as Mom again.  I’ll reunite with Greta over the next week and time will tell how long it takes me to get back to full power.

I entertain visitors, I have an amazing amount of medical appointments to go to, I am volunteering at Maren’s school tomorrow (a low-key role), I am working on a book of family photos, I am writing letters.  I am busy doing many of the things that are on my perpetual naptime/evening to-do list that never actually get done.  I am embracing the quietude, knowing that this relative alone time is valuable in its own way.

I miss my family.  I miss running.  I miss the chaos.  I miss G’s enthusiastic, “Mom-ME!” every five seconds.

However, I love creating my own schedule, doing what  I want whenever I want, and sleeping in.

I know: you’re jealous now.

It’s really quite impossible to be sad or lonely or cranky.

No Evidence of Disease.



  1. I’m grinning too:)! Thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you and the family in 2 weeks.

  2. I continue to pray for you & your family. As far as how much to post? Do what is good for you; that’s what we want. Oh & your quick recovery. ;>)

  3. What a delight you are. Goodness Gracious I love your perspective. While you continue to heal, you might enjoy this new discovery in listening pleasure… I sure am (as I continue to prepare for natural home birth… yikes!)….
    Love you Jen.

  4. The joy of silence after the storm. Be still and know…
    Feeling the joy with you!

  5. You amaze me on many levels! Rest and Heal. Blog what you want; we’ll always be eager to read whatever you want to share. Meanwhile we’ll all continue sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your mom ♥

  6. So positive! All that quiet would drive me crazy!

  7. As with so many others, I have been following your journey towards wellness for months (invited here by Momastery). I’ve been riveted for many reasons. My daughter was born with a rare cancer and I waisted so much time and energy railing against God and the Universe for what is essentially a fact of life–that we live in a fallen and fractured world and that bad things happen to good people. God promised (Romans 8:28) that He could work all things for good if we just allowed Him in. You certainly did that and your clear-eyed pragmatism combined with your faith and familial support have been a testament to what God and His people can do. My prayers for a speedy recovery!

  8. Just thinking of you Jen and praying that you are doing well. Enjoy your family to the fullest. You are all such a gift to us. This is the day that the Lord had made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  9. This morning I was paralyzed with fear after balancing the checkbook and trying to get my head around God’s faithfulness to provide for this growing family on one income, when I realized that I had two choices before me:
    1. Nurse the fear, fall into depression, go back to bed.
    2. Do Today Well.
    I chose #2. I walked 2 miles on the beach (37 weeks pregnant), I cooked, I started several art projects, I began assembling the crib that arrived today. I gave thanks for all that surrounds me, His faithfulness and his blessings. You are an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful I remembered that I had the option to Do Today Well.