A Funny

Jun 07

This might be glaringly obvious: when stressed, I cope by cracking jokes and finding the positive.  It is what works for me.  Funny stories are great, especially as stress-relievers. During the first hour of Chemo #5, I was doing my normal chemo things: chatting with the girl next to me, reading emails/comments, and working on my recliner to-do list.  It was my...

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The Lifers

Jun 06

Last week at chemo, I ended up sitting next to Newbie and Spunky: the three of us were all diagnosed a short time ago and are in Round One of our cancer battles.  Their treatments are bi-weekly, so I didn’t see them today. Today, I sat with new-to-me friends: Bear, Sunny, and Vivid.  They are self-described “Lifers” in the Chemo Room.  They are all...

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Jun 03

I catch a glimpse of my shadow on the driveway as I am playing with sidewalk chalk:  Oh!  I’m bald! Seriously.  That happened.  It’s actually happened multiple times.  I forget that I have cancer when I am in busy Mom mode. There are times when the reality of having cancer stops me in my tracks.  Is this really my life?  It is often when I am doing...

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