Jun 03

I catch a glimpse of my shadow on the driveway as I am playing with sidewalk chalk:  Oh!  I’m bald!

Seriously.  That happened.  It’s actually happened multiple times.  I forget that I have cancer when I am in busy Mom mode.

There are times when the reality of having cancer stops me in my tracks.  Is this really my life?  It is often when I am doing something as normal and ordinary as playing outside with my children.  I pinch myself, sometimes literally, and I shake my head in disbelief.  Are you kidding me?  Then, I shake it off, and I carry on with whatever I was doing.  It helps that my 5-year-old needs hopscotch drawn stat.  There is no time around here for cancer woe.  Plus, cancer woe sounds terrible.  Crying, whining, and overall pitifulness: these are the characteristics of woe.  No thankyouverymuch.

I fight hard, every day, to Do Today Well.  Because that sounds so much better than the whining and crying.  Trust me, my kids whine every day, and it is so not cool.  Just like I love my kids even when they whine, I love my life even with the cancer.


  1. You positive attitude continues to amaze and inspire me.

  2. Pat Powell /

    As you say Jen – nobody likes a whiner – even oneself realises that she is very lonely if whining – nobody loves a whinger – and that is what you are saying – well done sweetheart – Love you so much Ma xx

  3. Bonniebj /

    Agreed Jen, may we all strive to enter the non whining world when we encounter circumstances that we can’t immediately change but can only hope to change with the Lord’s grace through prayer. Praying for yet another day of healing.

  4. Tina Mathie /

    much love Jen! keep on being wonderful you! prayers and thoughts as always! XoXo

  5. Hanna /

    I think of you often when I would like to complain about something. And then I choose to praise instead because ‘I don’t have cancer’. Thank you for the encouragement you shine around with your attitude and faith. I imagine it sometimes being just a matter of choice and the feeling comes afterwards. I will continue to pray for you.

  6. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Y.O.U.

  7. You are a rock star! Thanks for your positive attitude and strong spirit. You are helping me get through my similar journey and I hope I can be as strong as you have been. Always praying for you and your family.

  8. Marion /

    Jen, your spirit is awesome! Thank you for helping the rest of us to keep life in check!

  9. Michelle /

    It’s great to see that you feel the way that you do. I just have to say though, that if you do have moments when you need to “whine and cry”….that won’t make you “not cool”. You are handling each day with grace and wisdom beyond reason. But you’re a real person, and every now and then, if you do need to scream and be mad, you’re allowed! You will be just as amazing. It’s wonderful to be able to stay focused on the positive. But, you are allowed to feel WHATEVER you feel. Always sending good thoughts your way!