A Smile

Jun 20

I’m sitting here in my bed, computer open, watching So You Think You Can Dance.  I am being totally frivolous and lazy and it feels good.

I keep getting goose bumps.  Oddly frequently.  Also, the tumor site is tingling from time to time.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Active, restless, swarming O B L I T E R A T I O N !

Thank you for your prayers.  I believe I am being healed even as I type.  :: Grin ::  Thank you God.

Smile on, people.  Smile.  On.


  1. Positive thoughts & prayers…LOVE this post!

  2. Tony /


  3. Bonniebj /

    So good to hear you smiling Jen- must have been a good day in your cozy recliner chair 😉 rest well tonight -a cloud of witnesses are praying.


  5. Oh – I am smiling big Jen! Something is happening! Faith on!

  6. Pat Powell /

    ma calling Jen dear – sending a big hug and a prayer with Love

  7. Big Happy laugh here!

  8. I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration!

  9. Steffy /

    Now I have goose bumps! You have been on my mind and heart all week. The word “obliteration” keeps popping into my head throughout each day and [sing Dionne Warwick song here] “I say a little prayer for youuuu!”

  10. Wow! Yet another thing we have in common 😉 l love SYTYCD! I have the same physical experience when I see these amazing dancers do amazing, seemingly impossible feats. I feel tingling in places where I know there is/WAS cancer and claim the word “OBLITERATION”. Thanks for sharing your very strong powerful words. I look forward to your posts (especially on chemo days like today for me) so much.

  11. You don’t know me but I’ve greatly enjoying following your blog. Your faith, your love, your positive spirit is amazing. We are praying for your good health and for your family!

  12. Rebecca /

    Sister On!

  13. Melt away cancer, melt away… Love you Jen! Hugs, Lauri

  14. Sarah Mette /

    On a side note, as I was watching sytycd I thought it had great running songs that I must download. Thought you might like them too!

  15. Tina Mathie /

    Hello to you and Brad and the girls! I think of you and pray often! God bless you all always!

  16. I have been praying and visualizing the obliteration. Also, would love to share with you the meditative breathe exercises that I believe can help physically focus prayer’s energy.

  17. Bonniebj /

    Thinking and praying for you today Jen.. Hope you’re well and enjoying Brad and the girls. His mercies are new every morning…every day…all the time. Love you

  18. Danae /

    LOVE that show! SO addicted! Continuing to pray for you and your whole family 🙂