The Rozzinator

Jun 11

My mom is blogging her journey too.  Here is her link if you are interested.  You should read yesterday’s post before you click over if you haven’t already read it.

Thanks for your prayers and kind words… our whole family appreciates them a lot!

Earlier today Chief Sister, Baby Sister and I were sitting around The Table.  Maren was coloring; we were chatting and planning as sisters do. Seizing a tenuous link in the conversation, I said to Maren, “Hey kiddo, we found out that Nana has cancer too.”

Confused, “But she has her hair?  Why does she have hair and you don’t?”

“Well, remember, it’s my chemo medicine that makes my hair fall out, it’s not the cancer that makes my hair fall out.”

Maren, laughing at herself, “Oh, yes, I remember.  Is Nana going to have chemo?”

“Well, maybe.  But first Nana is going to have her cancer cut out by the doctor and she’s going to get stitches.”

Maren, jubilantly, “And then it will be gone?  The doctor will cut it right out and it will be gone?”  She waves her hands to demonstrate the gone-ness of the cancer.

“Yes, that’s right!”  I’m thinking that my kid is amazing to be absorbing all of this.  She’s already looking for the positive, and fixing her eyes on the end result: cancer-free!

She narrows her eyes, “How come Nana’s not getting chemo like you?”

“Well, Nana has this much cancer,” I hold my fingers apart for her to see.  “And Mommy has this much cancer,” I cup my hand.  “We do lots of things to make cancer go away.  The doctors are helping us to make our cancer get smaller, and smaller, and smaller,” I close my cupped hand a little more each time I say smaller, “Until the cancer is gone.”

Maren grins and snuggles in for a hug.  We both like that image.  That is the path we are on: smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and GONE.


  1. christineohlhauser /

    I must have come across your site from another one (which I can’t remember now) and anyways I’ve been checking in on you from time to time (then learned about your mom so I left her a comment)….just thought I’d say hello and that I will pray for you and your mom.

  2. So much for someone so young to process, yet I love how she looks at things in such a positive light! No question where she gets that trait from! 🙂

  3. Dave Schreier /

    Praying, praying, praying. I will not stop. I spoke about you yesterday at church. Your heart, story, and love for God continues to encourage others. Thanks for loving Him!

    • Bonniebj /

      Wonderful references about you Jen- Dave did a great job 😉

  4. Cyndi /

    I love how you share with Maren. It’s so matter of fact and fear-free! “Smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and GONE”…and that’s my plan for you, too!

  5. Bonniebj /

    The teacher in you springs forth Jen and Maren’s teachable spirit shines through and processes the realities. There are so many times that we have no clue as to the WHY’s but our confidence lies in believing and trusting that the Lord does. Praying and trusting daily with you, your Mom, your Dad and sisters.

  6. Maureen /

    Stunned was the word that came to mind yesterday when I read your post. Prayers to you, your mom and your entire family.

  7. WOW ~ Out of the mouths of Babes 🙂 Continued Prayers ~ Your Mom is now on the Prayers List @ church with You ~ Peace be with you & yours 🙂

  8. /

    Your entire family is so inspirational. I can feel your love for each other all the way in Oregon. You & your Mother are in my thoughts & prayers. Sending much healing energy to you both. Thank you for sharing all your recovery with us!
    huge hugs,
    Carol in Portland

  9. I will be following your mom’s journey as well! Your family is surely being tested, but if you mom has the same amazing spirit as you (and I assume she does), it will become another example of the amazing strength of the Lord! Prayers for all of you!

  10. Nicole /

    Hi Jen,
    I just wanted to say I started following you from Momastery and haven’t written before. After I read your first blog entry I was struck with how beautifully and honestly you described everything. Momastery was the only blog I followed until yours.
    I’m a mom of two young children too and am praying for you and your family. And now I’ll be following your mom’s blog too. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your attitude and outlook are an inspiration.
    Here’s to kicking cancer’s butt times 2!!