Bring it on

Apr 12

Today is Chemo Day #2.  Woo hoo!  Bring it on.

Yes, I am actually excited.  Remember?  Chemotherapy is what is killing the damn cancer.  Gimme a large helping of that, please.

I’ll be in the Chemo Room at Dr. Wonderful’s office from 11am-2pm today.  Would you pray for me?  I am not sure what to ask for specifically, so just pray whatever you think about when you think about me!



  1. Love Shell /


  2. Elaine /

    Isn’t the Internet and the blogosphere wonderful. It connects us and makes us feel part of each others lives…,I’ve been following your story (and we all have one) with love and positive thoughts. Sending you butterflies and rainbows..( it’s my family’s thing).. You can do this – and I’m by your side…x

  3. Even when we don’t know what to pray, we just do it… and the Holy Spirit puts the right words in God’s ears.

  4. Sue Nitz /

    Matthew 18:19-20 Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Hi Jen Just close your eyes and feel the warmth of all the love and prayers that will be coming your way today. Maryann and I will be praying together for you this afternoon. You are a vessel of love and goodness and strength. You have the kind of spirit that touches those around you without you even knowing it. Those that will be sitting with you will feel your strength and it will help them too.

  5. Martha from New Zealand /

    I have been thinking of you and am praying for you today. Both that the chemo will be amazingly effective in killing the cancer, and that you will experience an amazing sense of God’s peace.

  6. Heather rose /

    Setting my alarm right now so I don’t forget!

  7. Dave Schreier /

    Praying, praying, praying.

  8. Dawn Benning /

    But I trust in you, O Lord; I say “You are my God.”
    ~Psalm 31:14

  9. Susan /

    There’s a lot of prayer power going on today and every day for you. Have a good chemo day!

  10. Amber /

    Done! Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog and you have been such an inspiration! Crazy that your kind heart and sweet soul can touch a girls life in Kansas. Praying for you!

  11. Yes, I will—for peace and healing and awareness of God’s loving presence there with you.

  12. PurpleN /

    I happend upon your blog from
    I don’t know you but have been reading your updates daily. I am not one that prays often but I felt compelled to comment and let you know that I am praying for you and am in awe of your kick-butt attitude. As a mother of a 2 year old and having lost my own mother at the age of nine, I just know how much your girls mean to you and I think your attitude is a huge factor in getting through this. Anyway, for what it is worth, please know that a stranger in St. Louis is praying for you today and every day.

  13. elleinadspir /

    How about a laugh to get you through today? This is from my local OKC news. It has been all over the internet so you may have seen it. But if not, here you go. Your new phrase can be “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Just say cancer instead of broncitis. 😉

  14. Katiejane /

    You are amazing! I am sending you love and prayers! I don’t know you but I do know your spirit. Bless you.

  15. Marsha Vonderwish /

    Do you remember Pac Man? When I was getting chemo I used to picture the chemo chasing the cancer cells and gobbling them up!

  16. Prayers for Healing and Strength from a stranger who understands and will stand next to those who enter such battles as these

  17. Donna Strauss /

    Yes, will offer lots of prayers for you today. ( I am one of your Mum’s Aussie friends here in town).

  18. I love that you look at chemo as what’s killing your cancer. What a great attitude. I will pray for you today, I will pray that chemo rips that cancer right from your body.

  19. maggieeileen /

    I’m lifting you up in prayer. God’s Blessings, Jen.

  20. I am definitely praying and thinking of you. I know you probably don’t feel this way—but you are truly inspiring. I am wishing you the same luck we had with kicking Cancer’s ass in 2010!!

  21. I thought about waiting to comment until you were actually in the chemo room so you’d get a live message, but I don’t want it to get away from me. Prayers WILL be sent, now and during chemo. GO CHEMO!!! What an amazing attitude to have, chemo is KILLING the cancer!! Thinking about you and praying for you always!!

  22. I’d fallen behind and started with today and read the last 3 blogs. Several thoughts come to mind… first I will post RIGHT NOW so that if you are east of me and are at Chemo, you will get this and know I am praying for you. Second, why do the strangers come out and pray and hope for you, many reasons. You are a momma just like many of us and we will fight along with you selfishly because we are damn grateful it isn’t us. Perhaps its because we did lose a young momma and don’t want any other sweet girls or boys to have that happen to them, so we are doing it for your girls. And maybe we just are a prayerful person; it’s our thing so we pray for others because we know the power of prayer. Some of us are members of the Monkee revolution from over at Momastery and it’s just what the Monkees do. Or we’ve seen people KICK. CANCER’S. BUTT. so we are naturally cheerleaders of winning people/teams! I pray for you for ALL of those reasons. My last thought is when you pray, pray for it all. Give thanks, He loves those prayers. Give Glory to Him through prayer. Ask for guidance, he will provide. I pray for many things and many reasons, but mostly because it makes me feel better knowing He’s got my back. Blessings!

  23. Fredda /

    praying right now!!

  24. Ingrid /

    Thinking of you and praying for you “in real time” 🙂 … Go chemo, go!

  25. Melissa Zornes /

    I am sending prayers your way now that the chemo currently entering your body will decimate every cancer cell it comes into contact with. As a mother of two young boys, you are an absolute inspiration to me, and I am lifting you and your family in my prayers daily! God bless!

  26. A H C /

    I pray that you have the strength and determination that my mom has as she fights her cancer within. While the Chemo does it’s share of the fight…equally important is what you bring mentally to the fight! Reading your blog, I know you have what it takes to beat your cancer within – just like my mom!

  27. Cameron /

    Praying! Praying! Praying! Go chemo- kill that cancer!

  28. Just prayed right now! We are strangers but my heart aches for you and your family. You could be me. I am 31. A mom to a 4 year old and a ten month old. And I stumbled on your blog from another blog and check on you daily. I’m praying for you, your girls and that you do indeed KICK CANCER’S BUTT!

  29. Cyndi /

    Prayed for you this morning when I started my day…and I’m praying now, too. 😉

  30. Sending prayers! Also, from yesterday’s post…I follow your blog because you inspire me. Your positive attitude humbles me, and makes me want to be a better person and a better mom. God Bless and kick some cancer butt today!

  31. Marion /

    Hi Jen, As you are sitting in the doc’s office right now getting your chemo, I am praying that your chemo kills every single cancer cell in your body. I am praying that you can rest and let your body do what it needs to do. I am praying that you feel God’s peace and that you feel His loving arms wrapped around you, lifting you up.
    On a lighter note, I am the mystery reader today! I get so excited when my turn comes around. You can surprise Maren that you knew first! 🙂

  32. My thoughts are soooo with you! Yes. I am another stranger that is following your journey with a stalker like intensity!! Ha! I do pray for you often and think of you regularly. I truly believe that your special spirit and amazing talent with story telling led you down this path. I believe that god has a special purpose for each of us. And I now believe that yours is to inspire and encourage other women – through your story. I have never had cancer or anything in my life that would make me have to show the strength that you are exhibiting. But as a 30 something mom with two wonderful children – your story makes me want to be more thankful. More in the moment. Wayyyy less grouchy about insignificant things. If you have changed my life that much (and I’m sure others as well) through your struggles – it sure does prove God knows what he’s doing! 🙂 I am so invested in you and your wonderful family. Thank you so much for sharing your very private journey with us all. I’m sending you all my strength to help hold you up!

  33. jen geverdt /

    Ditto everything that Marion said! Praying chemo targets any bad cells and spares the healthy ones!

  34. I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your perspective is so inspiring and your writing is so real. I am a mother of two little ones and your writing is making me a better mom.

    I know you are in chemo round 2 now. Praying that it is doing all it can to crush that cancer.

    Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Thanks again.


  35. I’m praying for you right now, that all of those chemo drugs have a GPS to the exact spot they need to get to!

  36. Tara Duncan Homan /

    Prayers for you each morning before my feet hit the floor, prayers in the shower, prayers when I read your blog each day and prayers at night. You. Are. Covered. In. Prayer. I wish I knew what to do or say, but I CAN pray, so I will….everyday, many times each day. I know you are in chemo right now, so again, I fall to my knees. We serve an amazing God and He’s got this covered. I’m confident. Wish I could hug you right now. – Tara Duncan Homan

  37. Prayed for you today!

  38. ohiofishergirl /

    Jen, You were the first person that I thought of this morning and I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you right this very second! Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way! Hugs, Lauri

  39. Eva Brown /

    But Jen trusts in you, O lord; Jen says ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands; Let your face shine on Jen. save her in your unfailing love. Psalm 31:14-16


  40. Laura /

    “Cancer is small. Love is big.”
    A beautifully inspirational person wrote that down recently. 🙂
    I am not generally a person of prayer, but today, right now, I am praying that your cancer is growing smaller and the love surrounding you is growing bigger and bigger.

  41. Rebecca /

    Sending lots of healing thoughts your way! Knock it right out of town, chemo!

  42. Marianne /

    I’ve just read your entire blog this week. Wow. I read this last post and looked at the time, so I guess you’re getting chemo now. I’m praying for you and your family. Cancer be gone in the name of Jesus!

  43. Hey Jen, glad to see you are still being so positive. Sending prayers up for you and your family. Praying for strengh for you and your family, and comfort and strength for your kids. I have a 4 year old as well and can not even imagine having to go through this with her. Praying that you continue to have days when you feel great so you can stay a big part of the girls life while you kick some cancer butt.

  44. Praying! It was only a few short months ago that I was sitting in the chemo treatment room asking for prayers of my own! Go kick some cancer butt!

  45. Shelley Carter /

    praying for you right now. not sure what time zone you are on, but unless you live really far away from me, i am guessing you are still in the chemo room. go chemo go!

  46. Michelle /

    Imagining you sitting there in your chemo chair right now…with the medicine hunting for and taking down every last bad cancer cell in your body, and leaving only healthiness behind. Sending you good thoughts and wishes to continue fighting with the strength and grace you have so far!

  47. Do not know why – – but I am having a hard time getting down to serious prayer today. A chant keeps running through my head: Jen’s “cancer cancer go away come back no other day” (of course it’s a variation of “rain rain go away come back some other day”) and I feel stupid chanting it instead of being able to concentrate and really pray so hopefully God is getting me today. I’ll also try again tonight with our 4 year old girl – she does not read or know who Jen is but she is starting to include you in her prayers all on her own. God bless and keep you all.

  48. Girl, I think you are being covered with prayers today! Praying for minimal side effects and Gods peace to blanket you!

  49. Bonniebj /

    Bless you Jen, praying here ….always. Our God is mighty.

  50. Jenn, can you share what time zone you are in. I’ve been praying regardless, but when you tell us about specific procedures at specific times, I’ve just been wondering that. Keep on with your awesome self!

  51. Julie /

    I know you JUST finished, but I’m hoping when this pops up on your phone, you’ll know that I’m praying God nullifies the negative effects of Chemo, and only allows the cancer fighting agents to do what they’re meant to… Kick Cancer’s Ass! Leaving you feeling great to snuggle and love on your babies, and if rest is what you need, that he encourages the force of love that has surrounded you to step up and make you another dinner, and do another load of laundry, and orchestrate another wonderful playdate, so your life never misses a beat, while he holds you in his arms for some sweet rest. Carry On, Warrior!

  52. Linda (aka. T) /

    I hope you’re feeling all the prayers sent your way and they help ease the side effects of today’s chemo. By the way, I pray for you and your family every day.

  53. Julie /

    Thought of you through the treatment. Can you feel the love??? Also wondering what time zone you are in…central? Sent you some more cards today!!!!

  54. Amanda /

    Jen, I happened to come across your blog today. Many prayers and hugs being sent from California in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Healing Hugs.

  55. Julie /

    praying for you as you fight AND win this battle!

  56. If I could have all the courage you hold in your left pinkie finger, I think I could conquer the world. I love you.

  57. Grace Lawley /

    Just now seeing this! Prayers for you now, even a few hours late. Your blog is such a sweet sharing: thank you for posting it. My friend Sally is a new mommy who is surviving Stage IV breast cancer– now, when I think of her, I think of you as well.
    Will continue to read, and pray, from here.

  58. I was awake at 5:12 this morning and began the day to pray for strength for you. What you endure may be a lesson to all of us to be grateful for the healthy lives we have been given. Thank you for teaching us gratitude.

    xo Mum

  59. Carla /

    Praying for you… A restful sleep while your body is busy destroying those cancer cells!

  60. Kristin /

    Carry on, Warrior! xoxoxo