Apr 03

No.  Cancer.  In.  My.  Liver.

Dr. Wonderful called today.  He said, “There are no malignancies in your liver biopsy.  This is good news, but we will still watch this area very closely.”

I stood on tippie-toes and did a little jig in the grass on my front lawn.  I said, “Thank you for calling and telling me, and that is such great news.”

He asked me how I was handling my treatments.

“You can hit me harder (with the chemo drugs) next time if you want to: it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.”

He laughed and said, “No, the prescribed doseage is appropriate, any increase would just ramp up your side effects.”

“Oh, okay then.  I’ll leave the doctor stuff to you.  Thanks for the call Dr. Wonderful.  You made my day.  You made my life!”

I am a terrible dancer.  Woeful.  Unfortunately, I have witnesses.  Rhythm, technique, bravado: there is no area where I succeed.  But today, my heart is dancing and celebrating.  I have been delivered from metastasized cancer.  God has healed me from metastasized cancer.  I prayed, we prayed, and it is gone, or maybe it never was.  Does it matter?  Not to me.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I am, you may now realize, a faith-filled person.  I am also an intelligent, educated woman who believes in medical science and statistics.  After receiving my life-changing diagnosis, I need both.  Is my God big enough to heal me of cancer, regardless of the stage or spread or size or severity?  Yes.  Do I feel better falling on the safe side of the statistics with regard to my life?  Yes.  I need these doctors and their medicine.  I need God and His promises and power.  One thing I know for sure: I can’t do this alone.



  1. Bonniebj /

    Amen, amen, amen,and amen…. By His stripes we are healed. What a great Easter gift from the Lord Jen. Continuing to pray.

  2. I’m a new reader, Jen. And I’m riveted. I’m momma to four kiddos, and I can only hope I’d be as strong and eloquent as you given your circumstances. You are a wonderful writer.

    I’m praying for you from Ohio. You are a champion, and you will beat this!!!!

    EJ, http://www.thesearemyreasons.com

  3. Donna Dundee /

    Rejoicing with you…prayers!

  4. Sue Nitz /

    PRAISE GOD! I am dancing with you, Jen. Your love for life is exhilarating!

  5. maggieeileen /

    Praise the Lord! over & over again! Such wonderful news! I am continuing to pray for you & sending all positive thoughts for your journey.

  6. ohiofishergirl /

    We’re dancing with you!!! Don’t worry about your dancing skills—you probably inherited them from Uncle Dale!!! Bahwahaha!!! What a great day and what great news!!! Hugs, Lauri and Dale

  7. Nancy B /

    You just made my day! (friend of your Mum’s)

  8. Stef /

    This is AWESOME!! I have been checking and re-checking your blog awaiting the results (I am here via Momastery). Glad to hear the great news and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Fredda /

    Yes! Thank you Lord! Good news!

  10. Heather rose /

    Joy, joy, joy!!! So happy for you, your family and all of us( we love your writing:). May you find peace and restful slumber as ou dream of your future cancer free life!!
    Much love. H. Rose

  11. Michele Gardner /

    YIPPEE! YAHOO! The kiddos and I are dancing right along with you! This is such fantastic news! Awesome! Totally made my day! Heck…my year! Okay, now back to joining the kids in celebratory dancing. Whoot! Whoot! Hugs, Michele, Sean, Casey, Kelsey, & Piper

  12. What wonderful news!! I’m doing an equally awful dance over here for you too!

  13. Shelley Carter /

    I was so happy to read the news. I have been following your blog via Momastery and have prayed for you every day since reading your first post. I will keep it up … and thanks for your blog. In sharing all of this, you are showing the world a wonderful example of faith. Keep it up!

  14. Dana /

    Wonderful news!!! I have been following your journey and I am constantly amazed and inspired by your positive attitude. Cheers to good news 🙂

  15. Amen to a good biopsy!
    Amen to your faith!
    Amen for your Docs!
    Amen for your Meds!
    And Amen for this and all your victory dances yet to come!

  16. All Glory be to God! Amen and Amen! So very happy for you!!!

  17. KellyE /

    This is so wonderful to hear. Definitely dancing for you here!

  18. Samantha Cahalan /

    I am SO happy for you!!

  19. Ginger /

    Hallelujah!!! Our prayers are answered!!! Dance on sweetie!!!!!

  20. Cyndi /

    That is awesome!! Faith can move mountains…and so much more!! Loving that!!

  21. Kent /

    Amazing wonderful news! Dance dance dance!

  22. WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!

  23. You are sooooo not alone! I don’t even know you, but you are inspiring me to live a better life, and I have been praying for you daily. I am in awe of your positive attitude, faith and the peace you exude. I’m so happy your biopsy revealed great news.

  24. Darlene /

    Wonderful news! You can do this Jen. You can kick this cancer out of the ballpark; I know you do it.

  25. And, you are not alone. Congratulations on your spectacular news!

  26. Wooooo hooooo! Great news;)

  27. Thank the Lord! He has you in his care! I am dancing with you!

  28. Leah /

    Praise God! I actually clapped when I read that!! Still praying for the rest of that cancer to hit the road. We serve a God of miracles 🙂

  29. Because we are roughly the same age (remember, i am older, yeah for you!) I’m going to rock out with a little “robot” + some mc hammer +cabbage patch + running man + NKOTB ‘hangin’ tough’ moves. All of this rejoicing in the powerful NAME OF JESUS!! Amen and amen!!!

  30. So good to hear!

  31. Jenn t /

    WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Julie /

    Yipeee!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Barely two weeks into your battle and taking down giants left and right already!!! PTL!!!

  33. Kristin /

    I have tears in my eyes, tears of happiness. AMEN, sista!!!!

  34. Julie /

    Julie + Baby

  35. Aunt Annie /

    Jen I’m so elated! GOD is awesome and YOU are amazing! Can’t wait to dance with you this weekend! Kiss Brad and hug those girls!Love, Aunt Annie

  36. Eloise /

    Wonderful, wonderful news – I did a happy dance at the bus stop while I was reading your blog!

  37. Laura /

    Yay! I think there’s going to be a lot more dancing to come!
    I am here from Momasteryand keeping you in my thoughts.

  38. Prayers have been answered!!! What WONDERFUL news!!!

  39. Oh my gosh!!! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I am so unbelievably happy for you. I’ve been following your blog for several days now and kept checking in, hoping and praying to see this very post. You are such an amazing mom and person– I have been in awe at the composure and grace you’ve shown throughout this whole ordeal. You deserved this news today. Soak it up. Praying for you.

  40. Kelly /

    Awesome! “…I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

  41. Donna /

    So happy to hear this news!

  42. I AM DANCING WITH YOU AND ALSO COMPLETELY LACKING ALL KINDS OF RHYTHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU JEN!!!!

  43. Jodi /

    My heard leapt a little when I read this! Such wonderful news!! Yay for faith and stats!

  44. Lisa /

    Praise God! What terrific news! I am the sister of a breast cancer survivor and had a scare myself last fall……I know the tears of joy when you hear her lymphnodes are clear or your biopsy was clear!

    What wonderful news to received during Holy Week.

  45. My heart is dancing with yours. There is so much to celebrate this week.

  46. Jen, you are an amazing woman. Instead of folding laundry, which I love to do also as a SAHM for the very same reasons you do, I read every post since Day 1, as if I was reading an extraordinary novel. Our Lord is so good. Praise him that your liver is healthy! I just wanted to add that I too have a 4yo (a boy) and I am constantly amazed by his innocence and honesty… My 2yo also has a way about her that I wish I could capture in a bottle for safe keeping… I love how you write about your girls. I have a third baby, a 6 mo old girl, who smiles at everyone. Everyone. You inspire me to breath them all in deeply every chance I get. We are praying for you here in SoCal.

  47. Thank you God!! PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!

  48. Amazing, amazing news. I’m so happy for you!! I thought of you all yesterday during my appointment for my oncologist. I was so anxious and frustrated, but I tried to just offer it up for you!! I’m so happy to hear this great news. And I ‘m glad you danced. 🙂 It’s so important to celebrate each victory.

  49. Heather /

    Sooooo thrilled for you. My dad fought esophageal cancer last year, and I remember the day his biopsy results came back indicating it had not spread. Absolutely indescribable relief. God is so good!

  50. Carli /

    Happy dancing in Columbus for you!!

  51. Andrea /

    Wonderful News! Congratulations! God is Great ALWAYS!

  52. Praise God for this wonderful news!!!!!!! He is holding you through this journey and He is bigger (oh, SO much bigger) than cancer!! You are His beloved daughter and He will heal you. Blessings to you and dance away!:-)

  53. natalie /

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayer is so amazing! God is so good.

  54. maria Olivia /

    uhuuuu !! Great news..!!

  55. Wonderful news! Please know you have lots of people (who you don’t even know) praying for you!

  56. Karen Ward /

    I have a very big grin on my face imagining you dancing out in the yard. Our God is soooo good!

  57. Praise God!!! So happy!

  58. No matter how poor the form, you will always rock 🙂

    Praying with you like crazy in our family…

  59. Nancy /

    Happy feet and Happy heart. Thanking God for your glorious news! Keep dancing!

  60. stacy /

    Every good and perfect gift comes from above…Praise God!

  61. Kristin /

    SISTER ON!!!! 🙂

  62. jen powers /


  63. My heart is happy-dancing for you! WONDERFUL news!

  64. Praise the Lord!!!

  65. Shannon Weiss /

    Hell yeah!!!!!! GREAT NEWS!

  66. Amen! So happy for your good news!! Keep fighting.

  67. Charlie /

    Yay! Yay! Yay! and Praise God… actually, the Praise God comes first. 🙂 and, also… YAYA!!

  68. I think we were possibly separated at birth. I believe that God did heal you. I’ve just been reading your posts straight through. As a nurse of 17 years, I have seen miracles. They are not just reserved for stories in the bible. I also believe in the power of medicine – God has gifted many people with bright, educated minds. I, too, was blessed with my own Dr. Wonderful/Awesome.
    And between your medical team, God, and your prayer warriors, you will survive.
    Seriously praising God right now for you, Brad, and the girls.


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