Pathology Results

Mar 23

*The details of my medical facts are intentionally being withheld.  I have not, and will not, Google anything regarding my diagnosis or treatment, and I don’t want anyone else to either.  What good can come from that?  My doctors are telling me what I need to know, and I am very satisfied with their explanations.

My new reality is that I have advanced breast cancer.  Given my reality, the pathology results that we got tonight are great.  Brad and I actually high-fived each other at one point during our hour long conversation with Dr. Awesome.  Dr. Awesome, by the way, is a Xavier grad, and wore her Xavier tshirt over her office clothes.  Out of loyalty to Dr. Awesome, I am now avidly rooting for Xavier to win the NCAA basketball tournament.  Dr. Awesome sat with us and drew us diagrams and pictures and made charts while we went over the results.  She is an excellent teacher and human being.  I asked a lot of questions; she answered all of them thoroughly.  Never was I rushed or made to feel ignorant about the complex medicine we were discussing.  I think I would like to be her friend if we’d met under other circumstances.  Actually, I kind of do consider her a friend.  She is treating me as much like a friend as she is treating me as her patient.

The results of the pathology: I have breast cancer!  (Not a surprise.  We knew that.)  It is in my lymph nodes!  (Not a surprise.  We knew that.)  This cancer is hormone related, which makes it easier to treat.  (Good news!  Score!)  This cancer, my cancer, will respond dramatically to a special drug that will be given in balance and coordination with my chemotherapy drugs.  (Woot!  Woot!  This was the high-five moment for us.)  Dr. Awesome said she was “encouraged” by my pathology report, and since she is a straight shooter, I, too, am encouraged.

She added rough dates to the treatment plan.  It involves the immediate weeks, it involves months, and years.  There is so much to do.  There is an arsenal of tools on her belt and on Dr. Wonderful’s belt that they will use at the appropriate time.  I will be busy fighting this cancer.  This may take time, but time?  Holy moly!  Time is awesome.  Time is my friend.  I want time.



  1. Rod and Jeanne /

    Dear Jen,
    I never had any daughters until our sons married. We are so lucky to have you as one of our daughters. When you and Brad are together, it is such a great team. You have the grit to fight this and prevail. We are proud of both of you and know that you have the strength of God on your side. Many people are praying for you and your medical team.
    We love you.
    Rod and Jeanne

  2. Denise O'Mara /

    We are encouraged for your and the support team is saying – gotta love the drugs” -we send you time hope and general “kick-ass” strength. Love Neecie

  3. Shannon Weiss /

    Want you to know that we are praying for you and you are in our thoughts. Your an amazing and a very strong woman. We might not live close by, but you if you need anything we will be here for you guys!

    Marc, Shannon and Alyxann

  4. Tina Mathie /

    We will be fighting the good fight for and with you. God knows what we can and cannot handle and will be fighting right along side you. Much love! XoXo

  5. Pat Powell /

    Ma calling
    we have just read your blogg and praise you at the strength you show. Boppa and I have always loved you so much and we have always been so proud of you. Your efforts through the years have shown us the strength in you to handle this biggie. My friends and staff here at Embracia send you their thoughts and prayers – I talk about my beautifull family all the time and they often ask after you. Love Ma

  6. Dearest Badass Jennifer,
    Tomorrow I have Mooloolaba triathlon, I am motivated to tri/try harder because of the strength my “badass fighter niece ” is showing. We will send some pictures so that maybe you can come join in the next one….maybe we do a team , I had wanted Katie to come and be my swimmer and maybe you could be my runner, you showed good form all those years ago at the cross country in the forest at Caloundra. Love you girl , what’s that plan let’s runt his paln and make it all happen for the best outcome,

    love you lot’s the Buderim mob

  7. High five from me!! This is good news!!

  8. I’m a total stranger and I am reading this backwards – and i just Woo! ed at this one – because YES this is a good thing. This is total high five. You will be busy, yes, and TIME. TIME TIME. Time is awesome! Plans that take years are awesome!