Getting into a summer rhythm

Jun 11

Yesterday I started another chemo cycle. Let the cancer-killing commence!

I am continuing to experience exhaustion as my primary symptom, and it makes for a lot of challenges with doing much of anything. In addition, walking and talking make me cough so I am thoughtful about how and when to do that also. And coughing is exhausting, so the whole cycle is repetitive and tricky to manage. Other symptoms are slowly resolving. I’m still badass strong in my mind and that counts for something.

We had a great weekend as a family back together again and spent much of it just re-grouping and reconnecting. Summer is a whole different rhythm than the school year and it is fun to see the sisterly bonding that takes place in hours of leisure.

My doofus moment happened last week as I was tackling Maren’s room at the eleventh hour before she got home. I stepped on her chair to reach something high, but I didn’t center my weight in the middle and the chair tipped over. I reached out with my right arm to catch myself and grabbed her floor lamp, and felt something in my shoulder give. It hurt like the dickens and now (six days later) I still cannot raise my right arm more than twenty degrees. Yikes. Dr. Wonderful is setting me up with a shoulder guy who used to be his neighbor to get a “trauma consult”. I’m bummed about this on a couple of levels, not the least of which is when did I turn in to such a ninny that I would give myself such a dumb injury? And also, really body? Another thing? And yes I am right-handed.

Today we packed lunches and took them to the pool. The girls wore themselves out equally from shivering and swimming and it brings back memories of me shivering on many-a-summer-pool-day. It’s all part of the fun. I did not choose to swim, and instead read from a new book of poetry that arrived on my doorstep from a friend this morning. Now we are sitting with our new freckles and our red, white and blue watching the women’s World Cup soccer game at my insistence. Go USA!


  1. Jen, I’m praying for peace and joy for your whole family. Love, Kay

  2. Katie Adams /

    Go USA!!! I will be prying for healing for your shoulder…that stinks, but happens to the best of us, my friend! As always, praying for your cancer killing chemo to do its thang.

  3. Kim Rourke /

    Good grief!???‍♀️

  4. Newbie friend /

    Hope you get to rest while the girls enjoy a little slower pace!

  5. Conni Carlson /

    hugs and prayers, Jen. 🙂

  6. Kelly Burns /

    I loved spending summer days at the pool with you! And shivering through morning swim team practices. ? Glad your girls enjoy the pool too! Hope your shoulder can get looked at and be on the mend soon. Always thinking of you, Jen!! ❤️

  7. Dotti /


  8. Lindsey Ritsema /

    You are an amazing woman and Mom. I love that you celebrate and glory in the simple moments as you navigate chemo. Hope your shoulder heals fairly soon.

  9. Bonnie B Jackson /

    Oh NO!! Will be praying for shoulder relief and sweet times with the girls this summer!! ?

  10. Cindy Mitchell /

    Dang Jen, when it rains it is pouring on you.. I know you are A BAD ASS, so keep it up.. That is what gets you through all the CRAP you are going through. You are amazing and a GREAT MOM. Prayers for you to comfort and strength.. Sending a great big hug.. I hope your shoulder is just sore from your fall and heals soon.. Best Wishes to you and your family… Have a great summer…

  11. That wasn’t a doofus moment, that was just plain frustrating!
    Your ability to focus your energy on doing the important things with and for your family is admirable.

  12. Kara /