One at a time

Mar 27

Yesterday I was ready to run out the door and when I grabbed my purse off the kitchen counter, my ear tuned in to a dripping noise. Upon investigation, I had a waterfall running out of my kitchen sink cabinet all over the kitchen floor. The faucet, though off, had continued to run from a midpoint in the stem when I washed strawberries an hour before — it broke and created a mini-flood. (Though is any inside-the-house-flood a mini-flood? Water in the house feels like a mega-flood.)

Ugh. The scramble for towels and drying everything out was exhausting and caused me to overspend on my physical currency to the point where I collapsed into bed at 7:30pm… and that’s despite trying to medicate to keep up with the day.

That’s become the challenge for me this month: I keep overspending energy to the point where my body can’t take it (I shake, I shiver, I fall prey to nausea and vertigo). On one hand it is good: I am squeezing every morsel I can out of my hours, days, life. On the other hand, I would be silly to keep doing this: I need to allow myself more margin for the unexpected.

Solving for this problem feels tricky: I don’t want to slow down and reduce the already much-reduced capacity I have. Yet if I don’t I am going to end up missing things that (really do) matter because I can’t anticipate everything.

Today I sit with what feels like half of my kitchen wares dirty on the counters while we await time for Brad to do a faucet repair. (Thank goodness he is handy!) It’s been twenty-four hours without the kitchen sink/faucet/dishwasher, and it’s a disaster in there.

Rather than doing the dishes in the bathtub, I am sitting down and having a glass of wine. I feel good (really good) about this choice. And I guess that is my plan: one good choice at a time.


  1. Praying. Love, Kay

  2. Julie /

    That is a great choice!!!! 🙂 You are one wise woman!!!

  3. A glass of wine is the RIGHT choice… makes so many problems seem less daunting! So glad you chose this path! God bless your handy husband as he will have your kitchen up and running in no time.
    Adjust your hustle, dear Jen!

  4. Newbie friend /

    Wish that I could swoop in and fix it for you- since I can’t prayers will be what I can offer!

  5. mathiemc /

    Cheers! xo

  6. Karin Eppert /

    One choice at a time, that’s the right choice. Trusting He will work out all things. Praying and sending love always.

  7. Kelly Burns /

    Enjoy that much deserved glass of wine, Jen!! ?

  8. Cindy Mitchell /

    Well Jen, you did just what I would do, sit back kick up your feet and gave a bottle of wine.. Just chill. Sending hugs , prayers and happy thoughts…

  9. Kathi Roth /

    Choices are good. And yours was very wise❤️ Life is full if those
    Pesky surprises.

  10. Diana G /

    Yep, great choice and hope it was feet up and those clean strawberries with the wine !!

  11. Cindy Mitchell /

    Jen, it sounds like a plan to me… Wine is always good.. I put fruit in my wine.. Prayers always..