Mar 19

Greta’s bunk beds are currently draped in blankets held up by tent clips.  (Tent clips are clamps that came as part of a “make your own blanket fort” that Maren received as a gift many years ago.  I highly recommend them for Easter baskets.)  Most of our blankets are lovingly handmade so you really do have use your imagination on the camouflage part: it is rather a cacophony of whimsy in reality.  All of the open sides are covered so it is tent-like and fort-esque and secret-hideaway-ish when you are inside it.  To my delight, I was invited in.  A favorite recent Mom moment was huddling in their sacred space with twenty-six stuffed animals and my two favorite girls.  There are glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the roof, the sunlight streams in from the holes on in the crochet, and we take turns flipping the sequins on her mermaid pillow.  We talk about everything and nothing.  I grin at them and they grin back.  They are thrilled with themselves, with each other, and I’m so pleased to have the pleasure of being their mama.


Today I’m in the chemo chair getting my drug dripped in, visiting with my nurse friends and my cancer friends, old and new.  It was this date, six years ago, that I called Brad in the middle of a Monday afternoon to tell him that I had cancer less than thirty minutes after hearing it myself.  It was such a shock, so unexpected, so harsh.  The weather was much the same as it is today: the cusp of spring, the promise of things to come, life blooming.

And the cry of my heart is much the same today as it was then: more, Lord.  Please, I want more.


  1. Sending that prayer up with you. More, please. XOXO

  2. Julie Talford /

    Wishing you more and then some…xxxooo.

  3. Nikki /

    <3 Yes, Lord…Please more.

  4. Christin /

    This was somehow one of your best blog posts yet. So simple and so beautiful. Love you. Praying always.

  5. Malia /

    As your Seattle stranger friend with girls the same age, I continue to pray along side you.

  6. Dotti /

    Prayers for more….strength, love and blessings. ??

  7. Mary padgett /

    I have been reading since day one. I pray you have many more good years !

  8. Karin /

    Always and every day.

  9. Kathi /

    More, more,more??

  10. Tamara /

    Yes, absolutely….please more! Love you friend?

  11. Me too. Please Lord, I want more for this family.

  12. We met during Maren’s Star Dance days and since your diagnosis you have been nothing short of a true inspiration. A couple weeks ago my wife and I discussed how you hadn’t posted in awhile.

    Glad to hear things are going well.

  13. Please, more!!! And then more and then more!

  14. Shari /

    I love the tent get together story. Your posts remind me of special times with my nearly adult children. You all are always in my prayers!

  15. Kelly Burns /

    I think our childhood-selves would’ve loved playing with your girls. We totally would have been all about building a fort with blankets! And I think they would love playing Jungle Girls with us too…hahaha. ? You guys are always in my thoughts, Jen. ❤️

  16. Bonnie B Jackson /

    Each day is such a Precious gift…. And so are you!! ? Treasure the tent moments, recently spent some time in one with A,M and C…. Giggles Galore???