A happy heart and a great day

Nov 03

A happy heart and a great day

In the past few weeks, I’ve found these two notes around the house.  The first was written by Maren when she was having a tough moment: ‘Working on a happy heart!’.  She needed space and time, but her self-proclaimed goal was clear.  And I will sit outside the door and pray for that process — the ability to dig out of the hard space and into the light — all day long.  I love that she ended her beginning with an exclamation point: it says, ‘I got this!’  She declares her victory in the process, and so very often the process is the victory.  Proud Mama moment doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel when I see her emerge, transformed by her own slogging hard work to get to a good place in her heart.

M note

The second note is Greta’s.  She wrote down her goals (jobs) for the day: piano practice, homework night, dinner (yum).  In the box off to the side, the wrote, ‘Ready for a great day tomorrow.’  Even at six, Greta is clearing a path for good things for herself.  For a girl who loves control, she loves identifying what she can do and revels in her independence. In this note I see her learning to take responsibility for her own great days.  No one can give you a great day: it is a gift you give yourself.  Greta is a maximum kid: she does everything big, and I love that she sets — and raises — her own bar often.  That’s power, and pray over her all the time: Lord let her use her power for good.

G Note

I wish upon you a happy heart and a great day today.


Medical update: As you know, on Monday I was told I couldn’t start Ibrance on Tuesday as scheduled because my white blood cell count was too low.  (It was 0.8, and needed to be 1.0).  The team suggested I come in on Thursday for a re-check, and I told them would come in on Wednesday because delays in treatment are not my style.  My team goes along with my antics when they can and acquiesced to my bumping up the schedule.  And I asked you to pray for my counts, and I told my bone marrow to get it together and quit being the weakest link on Team Jen.  And on Wednesday, in the morning no less, my counts rebounded faster-than-expected to 1.0.  And I started my second round of Ibrance on Wednesday afternoon.  Let the cancer-killing commence!

Thanks for your prayers; my dad rightfully said that things happen when this group prays.  I am grateful!


  1. Rick Stevens /

    “No one can give you a great day: it is a gift you give yourself.”

    Some great wisdom right there.

  2. Melody Smith /

    Both uplifting and special in so many ways – peace to you today Jen

  3. Kathleen Roth /

    What good parents you and Brad are to your girls. They are modeling what they see as well
    As living as God wired them. Your blog brought a smile to my and made me wish I could have a do over with my own kids!!? I’m choosing to have a good day today. Thanks!

  4. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him! Love all the goodness he’s doing in each of you!

  5. Wonderful news! Praying that all members of Team Jen behave!

  6. Marlayne Skeens /

    3 Cheers for positivity ??? Your Dad is right ?✝️❤️ I am Blessed to have you & your families in my life❣️Thank you ?

  7. Ginger /

    Prayers for the fight to begin! By the way, you are one awesome mommy with two awesome daughters❤️?

  8. Roslyn Mathie /

    Love that Maren is empowered to say she needs time and space.
    When I lay my head down, what a relaxing thought “ ready for a great day tomorrow.”

  9. Christin /

    “I told my bone marrow to get it together.”
    Another reason I love you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. ????

  11. Mommaj /

    A Choice…. It does come down to that! We, have to choose how our Response should go! ? Praying you all have a great day….. Go Ibrance, may you do your job in Jen!! The Lord is Faithful beyond measure. Love you!!

  12. ❤️❤️❤️ the girls’ notes! Obviously they have terrific parents! Praying for your miracle is part of my daily routine.

  13. Sharon /

    Jen, even though you are the one facing incredible challenges, you are an inspiration and uplifting spirit for those of us with minimal challenges. You are an amazing young woman. I pray daily that God continues to hold you in the palm of his hand and watches over you.

  14. Cindy Mitchell /

    I know you are so proud of your 2 girls.. They are super.. Jen happy to hear your count was good for continued treatment.. Prayers for you, family and friends..