You’ve never seen Peeps like this!

Apr 17

You’ve never seen Peeps like this!

We had a great spring break and packed a lot in.  For the last few days, we stole away to Red River Gorge, Kentucky for some cabin camping, hiking, and adventuring.  We loved it, and it was so good to spend focused family time together.  Brad did a great job of organizing it from A to Z; it was a perfect little getaway.

Upon pulling into the neighborhood yesterday, we could not believe what we found in our front yard: we’d been Peep’d!  (Who knew that was a thing?!)

IMG_0936 IMG_0939 (1) IMG_0937

We think there were about one-thousand skewered Peeps on our front lawn.  We stopped in the middle of the street when we pulled up and the giggles began.  We climbed out and began to examine the scene and inspect the signs for signatures for whom had pranked us so brilliantly.  It’s still anonymous–so far no one has claimed this epicness!  Before I realized what was happening, Greta treated it like a buffet and had blue sugar smeared across her cheeks.  When she saw me laughing at her, Maren was quick to point out, “Don’t worry Mom!  Only some of them have bugs on them!”

It was definitely a memory-maker event.  We left them up through the afternoon and it was fun (and funny) watching the neighbors drive by, slow down, ogle, take pictures, and laugh.  I texted a few people, looking for the culprits, and some friends came over to see it in person just as we were starting to pick the first Peep bouquets out of the yard.  It took ten people about ten minutes to clean it up, and I admit, it was bitter sweet… I kind of loved having that laugh-out-loud situation in my front yard and was sad to take it down.  (It rained — poured — not long after, so it was good we pulled them when we did!)

We had a quiet Easter after the Peep episode with post-trip laundry, playing outside, lawn/garage maintenance, and general re-grouping.  Rozzinator’s and Chief Sister’s Easter Bunny skills remain unmatched; we are thoroughly spoiled.

So… I’m still waiting!  Who is going to take credit for this?


  1. Melody Smith /

    What a hoot! The girls will have this memory forever to cherish…gives me the idea to buy up peeps now when they are 90% off and let them get real hard for next year so I can peep someone. Very clever indeed!

  2. Glad you are so well loved.

  3. We were peeped too!! Weird! Wonder if we have common culprits 🙂 So, so happy you got a getaway… ❤️

  4. Cindy Mitchell /

    How cute and how sweet.. I am glad you had a great time in Ky.. and even more that you came home to a great welcome.. That is awesome.. Take care ..

  5. Aunt annie /

    It’s a mystery! How clever and funny! You won’t get a peep out us!

  6. Katie /

    LOVE IT!! Wish I were so creative.

  7. Marlayne Skeens /

    Oh my !!!! How much Fun was that !!!! Peeps Everywhere ????? ~ Big Hugs ???

  8. You’ve always said your Peep-le are your strength! Love this magical display of love ❤️ ❤️❤️

  9. That is such a fun idea!!

  10. Mommaj /

    Absolutely wonderful Peep Surprise!! So glad you had a Fun and Relaxing break!! Welcome Home..

  11. Diana Gibson /

    Shucks at Captain Candy on the Gold Coast we only have yellow rabbit Peeps – love the rainbow on your lawn and looks like there might be other varieties of animals available (have a faint memory of chicken ones a couple of years ago). Love the idea of Peeping…..

  12. "Another Jen" /

    I love this!!! I’ve never heard of being Peeped before…

  13. Melissa Anderson /

    How fun for you all! ❤️