Mar 27

My sisters and I often say things “out loud” to each other by way of making it happen.  We know that if we say it out loud, then we’re likely to be held accountable when the listener inevitably follows up. (We’re annoyingly good listeners and communicators about that stuff.  It’s our mom’s fault training.)  It’s a good system, and we are motivated to get taxes done, apply for a job, or get a workout in.  Today Chief Sister stopped by for something completely unrelated, and seeing her reminded me of goals that I have.  As she left, I said, “If I leave in the next five minutes I can squeeze a run in before chemo!  Ask me later if I did it!”

So that is the story of how and why I went for my first run in at least six months.  By runner’s standards, it was statistically pitiful in every way… but one of the cool things about runners is that everyone runs their own race.  And everyone out there running wins just for being out there.  So, that’s what I’m focusing on today: I did it.  It was perfect weather, and I was perfectly — ahem — badass.

My nurses — some of whom follow me on the MapMyRun app — were happily surprised to see me running.  My counts are pretty low so my blood chemistry is continuing to be borderline for lots of things, but is holding just above the line where interventions would be taken.  It’s good because it means fewer appointments for me which is logistically convenient.  It also means I am continuing to get the full dose of the cancer-killing chemotherapy.  Believe me when I say I want every drop of that stuff to kill as many cancer cells as possible.  On the last cycle I had some semi-significant abdominal pain, pseudo-similar to heartburn, so we talked about some strategies to mitigate that.  On the whole, this treatment is better than the last treatment, but the side effects are still there.  I seized the moment to go for a run this morning, in part, because I knew an hour away from my next chemo treatment is the best I’m going to feel all week: ’twas a moment not to be squandered!

Again, I can only make such selfish, Jen-centered priorities because someone else cooked, did laundry, and cleaned for me today.  Such. A. Blessing.  I’m certainly a better version of Jen to my family tonight because I got to run instead of do chores, and the exquisiteness of that gift is not lost on me.

I tell my healthy friends regularly, “You guys should partner up, switch houses, and do each other’s jobs for two hours a week!”  It’s so much better to clean someone else’s space (and arguably much more productive/less distracting too!)  They think I’m joking about this, but I am really not.

Now for a couple of random questions:

-Where is the best place to go for ear piercing?  Both girls are asking to have it done for their upcoming birthdays.

-Does anyone near me have any Girl Scout cookies available to sell?  Maren’s coach is looking for some to take to his son in Canada and we managed to eat all of ours already.

-Brilliant birthday/Easter must-haves I might not know about for almost-10 and almost-6-year-olds?



  1. Nalynne Clay /

    Hi Jen! I also live here in Anderson and I have three girls (10, 8, 3). I make peg dolls and I would love to send you some for Maren and Greta to make their Easter baskets special. You can see my hand painted dolls on Instagram @bonny_bloom

    Feel free to choose an animal family for each of girls– it would make me so happy to share.

    • admin /

      Hello! I can’t wait to check these out; I will email you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Marlayne /

    Run Jen Run !!!!! Oh My ~ I have never been a runner or even a jogger ~ On a Good Day, No way for me!!!! LOL ~ The last place I saw Girl Scout Cookies for sale was 1.5 weeks ago @ Sam’s in Mason ~ I use to get the tiny bottles of Fun Nail Polish from Sally’s Beauty Supply & put them in plastic eggs ~ Now my Girlie Girls are into make-up & bracelets 🙂 They also Love Bath & Body ~ Miss Selby Soaps have some cute soaps for Easter ~ I got my Girlie Girls some large Bath Bombs from Miss Selby Soaps :-)HUGs 🙂

  3. Ginger /

    I have heard Yeltons is a great experience. Appointment needed?

  4. Amber /

    Let the endorphins fly! Love every minute of it, even the ones that hurt.

  5. Thanks, Jen!

  6. Our daughter got hers pierced at Claire’s : )

  7. David McQueen /

    I am very aware of your Mother’s Listening ability. I has certainly bit me in the A%^ over the last 40+ years. Glad to see you are back pounding the streets. You Go Girl!!!!

  8. Sara /

    I remember one Easter getting a new softball/baseball bat and glove! I’m not even remotely sporty anymore, but at the time I loved it, and it’s the only specific Easter gift I can remember!