The order of the day

Mar 07

I’m sitting in the chemo room at my non-regular chemo office.  One of my nurses from my regular office is “subbing” here today, and I’m telling everyone I’m VIP and I travel with my own nurse.  (I really, really love my medical team.)  It’s making them laugh.  Laughter is a good thing with which to travel.

This morning Dr. Wonderful sent me next door for a quick MRI of my brain after I told him I have had two migraines this month (I had many migraines through my 20s, but not many in my 30s, especially the last few years.)  The MRI showed that my brain is completely clear of any suspicious activity, so that is a nice layer of peace-of-mind.  I love those super short “everything looks good” medically boring reports.  I appreciate Dr. Wonderful’s attention to detail and the effort he personally makes to get as much information as possible to navigate the best treatment plan.

Currently my pre-meds are dripping in and I’ll start the new chemo as soon as those finish.  Each time I start a new drug I pray for God to bless it: for it to kill the cancer effectively and efficiently.  I’m also staying on Herceptin; I will get that every week also.

This office doesn’t keep their blanket warmers very hot, but the recliners themselves have heated seats, so it’s definitely cozy.  The warm blankets are most definitely one of the big cancer perks.  That and the machine that makes the good crunchy ice.

Thanks for all the encouraging messages I’ve gotten over the past twenty-four hours; I really appreciate all the well wishes, prayers and love.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: since my people are my world, the world is a beautiful place from where I sit.

Today is a great day in Greta’s world because it’s chicken nugget Tuesday in the cafeteria AND she doesn’t know it but her glass-blowing aunt is surprising her at school to have lunch with her.  Greta is a big fan of chicken nuggets and her aunts.  I got a e-reminder to put more money in Greta’s school account so I logged in from the chemo chair (with, you know, an hour to spare before she tries to charge her lunch) to get that done, and I saw that each time she buys her lunch she is getting a cookie, a donut, some gummies, or another treat.  What a stinker!  She seems to be working her way through the choices despite knowing she is not supposed to buy ‘extras’.  Hmmmm.  I’m going to have to have a talk with that girl when she gets home.

Maren, on the other hand, has bought lunch at school maybe four times since kindergarten?  Not often — she’s a dedicated packer.  And she has never (ever) purchased a treat from the junk section of the cafeteria.  She’s also getting a surprise visit from her aunt at school today, so she will me a mini-celebrity in the cafeteria.  All of Maren’s friends know about Happy Thought Bubbles and several have them hanging in their rooms.  It’s always fun to eat with the girls at their school; I love that it’s an option at both their schools.  They love showing me around and I love seeing their world through their eyes.

Chemo, lunches, prayer.  It’s all routines and habits and we’re back in it.  I’m on the hunt for a yoga class for Greta that works with school hours (she keeps begging!).  I’m making notes to think about upcoming Spring Break and make some plans — it’s so good for my mental game to have fun on the calendar.  I am looking at new sandals that won’t hurt my feet, probably Chaco’s, — a selfish splurge — so that I can take long walks (and then maybe start running again?) this spring/summer.  Being fully present and being hopeful and optimistic about the future… that is the order of the day.


  1. Karin /

    I am declaring you WILL run again! Start somewhere and buy the splurge! You’ll be ready for sunshine and walks!

  2. Yay for boring medical reports!Praying with you for the new drug.

  3. Newbie Friend /

    Jen= sunshine in the chemo room! Enjoy your day- praying that this will be the super chemo to rid those cancer cells once and for all!

  4. Kathleen Roth /

    I vote for Chacos! Comfort is not a splurge. I tell joe that a lot. He will believe me
    Someday. Your fierce warriors continue to lift you and yours up. Some of us try hard to look fierce but sadly only look funny- but please know my prayers are FIERCE.

  5. Eloise /

    Sending happy thought vibes for new meds! Also love the idea of Maren and Greta getting surprised at school. I still remember how cool I felt to bring Meg to my school in Australia – so great that their school allows those kinds of special moments xx

  6. Thanks for the update. I’m praying for you Jen and for your fam. Kay

  7. Kristen /

    Praying for those new meds and you and your sweet family!

  8. Lori6NV /

    Praying that this new regimen has stellar results! And less yucky side effects! Here comes a wonderful Spring!!

  9. Shari /

    You are always in my prayers, Jen! I love your optimism and great sense of humor. I’m sure your medical team does love you, as all of us who read your posts do, as well!

  10. Lisa Marker-Robbins /

    Sending love and lots and lots and lots of prayers that you go back to super boring 😉 Hugs!

  11. annie /

    Thinking of and praying for you often. Love.

  12. Love to you, Jen! I’ve done yoga DVDs with my kiddos—not the same as a class, but flexible!

  13. A clean/clear result from an MRI is always a good thing. <3