Oh, so grateful!

Nov 07

A good day.  A good, good day.

I’m on a high after a weekend away with Brad in Asheville, NC.  (I highly recommend Asheville if you into antiques, history, the outdoors and art.)  A bonus for me is that it was well-timed as it was my “good” weekend — the end of the week that follows my break from chemo.  And, I love my husband.

Today was PET scan day, so it was an abrupt return to my normal.  All things went smoothly with the scan.  The report was fresh off the presses when Brad and I walked into Dr. Wonderful’s office.  He skim-read the report in front of us: “Decreasing tumor count, decreasing tumor sizes, less metabolic activity, and no new spots.”

All the good things, people.  All the good things.

I fist-pumped halfway through as Dr. Wonderful was reading, and Brad and I high-fived at the end.  This is great news.  In case you don’t know cancer-speak, here’s a general picture of what I could have heard today:

-Riddled with cancer

-Progression – increase in tumor count / larger tumors / advancing cancer

-Stable – holding steady

-Regression – decrease in tumor count / shrinking tumors / smaller cancer

-NED/NEAD – No evidence of (active) disease

Regression is wonderful; this means I get more time — a most wonderful gift.

I’ll be staying on my current chemo regimen because it’s working.  So, as I am navigating the symptoms and challenges this chemotherapy brings, I’ll be doing it with a bounce in my heart.  I am grateful it’s working, and I’m up for the gritty challenge of enduring it.  It’s a relief to go home tonight knowing that I have less cancer in my body than I did three months ago.  Oh, so grateful!  I am praising the Lord for this wonderful news and praying that my body will thrive through this season.



  1. HALLELUJAH! To HIM be the GLORY in you!!!! 🙂

  2. Christin /

    I think I’ll be the first comment on one of the BEST POSTS EVER!!!!! I don’t even know what to say because I’m so excited to post it quickly! Hahahahaha!!! I’m filled with joy and glee and tears of happiness and YAYness!!!!!!

    All glory be to God!!!!!!

  3. Christin /

    Nooooo. I got second place. Haha!!!!

  4. WOW – LOVE this news and post!!! Praying for more regression!

  5. Kelly Burns /

    Such great news! You are truly inspiring. Love you Jen! ❤️

  6. KellyE /

    So wonderful to hear this! Prayers of thanks!

  7. Kim Rourke /

    And this is a good, good day for all of us!!!

  8. Marion /

    Praise be to God!! I have been praying and will continue. Great news, Jen. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is so AWESOME! Thank you, God! Praises and more praises to our gracious and loving God! Rejoicing with you, Jen and all those who love you!

  10. So Amazing!!! Thankful and Joyful to the brim ?❤️️??

  11. Michelle Clapsaddle /

    Woohoo! I must say that I think this is eat desser first or have ice cream with sprinkles for breakfast kind of news! ?????

  12. I’m so glad for you for your good report, Jen!

  13. Prayers answered! Love, Love LOVE your good news! ♥p

  14. Been pumped ever since I heard…thank you Jesus!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Yeah Jen! So so happy! Kathy from Pittsburgh

  16. This is fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!?

  17. Kristen /

    Amazing! I’m filled with hope and happiness for you and yours!!

  18. Patty Wheeler /

    Wonderful! I am smiling ear to ear.

  19. Rita O'Brien /


  20. Cindy Mitchell /

    AMEN JEN… This is wonderful news.. I am so happy for you…

  21. Kathleen /

    Wonderful news ?

  22. Marlayne Skeens /

    Jen & Brad ~ No words can express the Joy I have in my heart for you, your children & your families ❤️ GOD is so Good ❤️ I feel the “Hope” in your Do Well Today Message ? Continued Prayers & Hugs ???

  23. Jennifer /

    This is amazing news! So happy for you and your loved ones – may this next season bring more regression, less symptoms and more thriving.

  24. Ginger /

    Awesome news! Hugs???

  25. Jen you wonderful fighter !
    We love you and your family so much, I haven’t stopped smiling since i read this fantastic news.

    All our love

  26. Kathi Roth /

    And we are praising and thanking the Father
    Along with you! Hallelujah ??❤️

  27. Linda (aka. T) /

    Great news…..so happy for you and your beautiful family!!!

  28. Sue Brelsford and Bob McNeil /


  29. Ann Scherma /

    The BEST news! HAPPY DANCE and HIGH FIVES! YOU are BLESSED! THANKS BE GOD! Hugs and Kisses!

  30. Wonderful news, Jen!!! It’s a HAPPY day for everyone who knows and loves you! May you continue to be blessed with good health and special weekends with your family.

  31. Angela J /

    New Chemo, docs, positivity, and Jesus FTW!! So glad to hear this news, Jen!!

  32. Fist bump!!! Such great news! Praise God!

  33. Love the news and love you.

  34. What happy, happy holiday news! What a lovely time of year to have such a positive report! That delightful post-scan feeling of being lighter than air and filled with grace–what a blessing for you, your family, and your community. You continue to be held up in our prayers–I hope that you can tell. 🙂


    What a Huge gift this post is !! You are loved, Jesus loves you and has granted you a most Wonderful Gift!!!

  36. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!

  37. Sharon /

    Crying with joy and thanksgiving. So happy

  38. Oh so grateful…. for you and your people!