Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Jul 12

This week Maren went to the grocery store with my aunt (she’s here visiting from Australia for a month), and they decided cookie-making should be on the agenda for the week.  Maren walked over to the pre-made dough in the refrigerated section and my aunt said, “No!  We’re going to make the cookies, not use that stuff!”

Maren was like, “What?  How else do you make cookies?”

The girl doesn’t know where cookie dough comes from.

First thought: Parenting fail.

Second thought: No!  Wait!  She should know this!  What the what?  C’mon Maren!

This is especially ironic because we’ve been teaching Maren to cook this year.  She’s adept and independent in the kitchen when it comes to scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, grilled cheese, pizza sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and a whole bunch of other things.  She really cooks.  How is she in the dark about cookies, of all things?

I could hardly believe it when this story was relayed to me because almost everyone who knows me knows that I love chocolate chip cookies.  I have been making my Best Cookies Ever recipe of said cookies for years, and I have documentation of my kids making said cookies many times.  We are cookies-from-scratch kind of people.  I would choose a really good chocolate chip cookie over almost any other dessert (a chocolate-covered strawberry and chocolate fondue are perhaps the only exceptions.)  Chocolate chip cookies are high on my list when asked to “bring something to share”.  Lots of my friends and family use my recipe when they make chocolate chip cookies.    We are cookies-from-scratch kind of people.

But.  We probably haven’t made them in eighteen months or so.  And so she doesn’t remember.  When asked, Greta didn’t remember either, “But I know how to make blueberry muffins!” she exclaimed while holding up her pointer finger.  So at least there’s that.

It’s a bit sobering to realize in these days where I’m fiercely momming the heck out of these girls, they don’t know one of my signature kitchen accomplishments.  It’s also helps to validate and justify why I feel the need to KEEP doing the memory-making things.  Another special pottery painting trip, another Starbucks coloring date, another yes-i-will-play-that-game-with-you-again, another round of playing Legos on the floor, another very special art piece, another yes, another I love you, another, more, another more.  All of the yes’s, please.  All of them.

My immediate reaction is, “Well, people… let’s make some cookies right now!”  Problem solved.  Memories restored.  Reputation as Maker of Best Cookies Ever solidified.  Mortification that my 9-year-old doesn’t know that cookie dough comes from other ingredients mollified.  Tummy happy.

It’s also validating my perseverance in Doing Today Well.  Be the best version of Jen, live out loud, take the trip, say yes to the fun, Do Today Well.  We store up our yesterdays but they sift with time and not everything keeps.  As I reflect on my life, and as they reflect on their childhood, it will be the highlight reel that flicks the memories across.  The memories matter, but I also believe the experiences shape our character.  So it’s the experiences I chase, the perspective I seek to share.

Cookies will be part of our experience this month.  Help me to dream of other experiences to share.


  1. Carli /

    Cookies sound delicious!! Will have to get your AWESOME cookie recipe sometime soon 🙂

  2. Jenn therrien /

    I dont think I’ve EVER made cookies from scratch w my kids! Putting this on our summer list! Thank you! Have you done fairy house building in the woods? My kids love that. Cheers to a summer well spent Jen!

  3. Emily /

    Jen, I can testify that you do indeed have a fabulous homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe! I remember trying them at your place many years ago and wanting the recipe. I think there was Crisco involved?

  4. Do you remember the origin of your cookie was from a volleyball friend and we called them Swifty cookies. They were 4″ in diameter and a piece of wonderful that you have replicated many times. I remember baking cookies late night in college and and I laughed and said “She would rather have cookies than alcohol. Aren’t we lucky?”

  5. Lindsay l /

    Loved this!! Continuing to pray for you, friend!!

  6. Jill /

    I can’t imagine you not yet geocaching with your girls, but if you haven’t, you must! It’s right up your alley, and I know the girls could make some cool stuff to leave behind for the next treasure hunter. Xxoo

  7. Sharon /

    Jen, if the rest of the children of the world know even a fraction of what yours have learned from you, the children would so much better rounded and prepared for life. You should never use ‘parent fail’ in conjunction with yourself. You are a fabulous parent, and you accomplish that while facing hurdle after hurdle, and, you do it with a smile on your face. I so admire you, your spirit, and your love of your family and life.