Three cheers for G!

Feb 09

Three cheers for G!

This morning we got the delightful message of a surprise snow day as we woke up.  Yay!

Greta is continuing her blooming independence with her self-implement morning routine.  She usually wakes up, and gets dressed immediately–still in her own Greta-styled fashionista outfits.  Then she goes downstairs by herself (lately she’s been up before Maren and me), and often catches Brad before he leaves.  Her go-to breakfast is Greek yogurt, and, if there are unguarded berries in the fridge, she will eat them all!  This morning she had a solid two cups of berries (based on the empty container I found when I looked in the fridge later)!

Once she had done all of that, she came into my room where Maren and I were lazily snuggling and planning our day to tell us she was excited to play in the snow.  She had made her own “mini snowman kit.”  She cut up a pipe cleaner to make arms and buttons, and got herself a whole bag of carrots.  (I’m not sure why she thought she needed so many carrots, but she might be the kind of whippersnapper who realizes that if there are no carrots in the fridge, I can’t serve her carrots for dinner.  Stinker.)  But she’s so cute and creative!


She was off and into the snow before 9:00am this morning.


When I went into Greta’s room to put something away, I saw that she had made her own bed again this morning.  What a morning with this kid!  She’s sneaking berries as treats, making her bed without my even knowing about it, and creating prolific art about the things and people she loves.  She’s such a brilliant kid, and I’m feeling like I hit the jackpot with this current streak of awesomeness.


We always say that Greta will rule the world if she channels her mojo for good because she has so much mojo.  Today I see it: she’s doing it!  She’s doing it!

It takes much fortitude to rebuke, redirect, criticize or discipline Greta.  She always thinks she is right!  It’s SO DIFFERENT than parenting her sister.  Maren is the kid who at the suggestion of wrongdoing would give the most sincere apology and heartfelt promise to never do it again.  Greta usually cannot agree that there was an infraction; she will actually say some version of, “I couldn’t have made a mean voice or face Mom,” as she levels me with a gaze, “I have a kind heart.”  She really believes it, I think!  Oy, the conversations are so amusing; sometimes I want to scream in frustration, often I am biting back laughter.

The girl’s got rhythm.  Her activity-of-choice after today’s snow play was dancing with her friends (and Chief Sister stopped by and showed all the girls up with her moves!)IMG_5795

Tonight I snuggled with her in her bed for a bit as she fell asleep, then left her to help Maren with her Valentine’s Day cards.  Maren and I heard thumps from upstairs and I inwardly sighed as I anticipated Greta not sleeping (and too-tired G tomorrow–yikes!)  However, she never materialized and I forgot until after I went to check on her after I tucked Maren in.  Greta had thumped her way into the very center of our cozy bed:


That’s more independent problem-solving from her: she figured out what she needed wanted, and took action.  Good night G!  I love you sweet girl.


  1. Lisa Smith /

    Love Love Love

  2. There is just nothing like a good dance party to top off a snow day. Or really any day. 🙂

  3. Brilliant girl! Shining and smart!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I was up early for me. 6:00 a.m. EST. I prayed for your fam this morning. Hoping you guys were still asleep … May you all see God’s love for you today.
    Kay in Virginia

  5. Stephanie /

    God Bless, Jen.

    xoxo, Stephanie

  6. LOVE! Go, Greta! That head strong girl will be just fine 🙂

  7. Looks like a Terrific day!! Think I recognized the other dance partners from behind ?. These small Strides are Huge gifts that make our ? smile deeply!!!

  8. Jen, you are so great with G. I think you are seeing the fruits of all the love and hard work you have put into her! Be proud of her AND you! You are an awesome momma! Love you!

  9. Aunt annie /

    Love to hear all about M and G’s strides, accomplishments, antics… They will so enjoy reading these posts in years to come! Lots of warm and fuzzies!

  10. Jean Vanderzee /

    All the hard work of parenting is so worth it on days like this. LOVE that you could sit back and watch it! Thanks for letting all of us enjoy her without having to do ANY of the hard work.

  11. Some of the differences between your two girls remind me of my first two boys (the whole first-born, want to please, easy to guide vs. second-born, independent, believes he is correct and I am the one who is wrong) but your daughters definitely have the sweet girl factor going.
    You are definitely a mama who NOTICES and ENCOURAGES. Three cheers for G *and* her mama!