I have a cold, therefore I’m sort of on “pause”

Feb 07

Tonight I am trying the new-ish online shopping feature offered by my grocery store.  I’ve just clicked all the items into my cart, and — in theory — when I drive up to the pick up lane at the store tomorrow after chemo, some grocery store employee angel is going to load said groceries into my van.  Pretty cool, right?  My friends rave about it, and it seems pretty foolproof.  I haven’t tried it before now because I’m not exactly the I’m-so-organized-I-can-write-and-click-my-list-24-hour-in-advance kind of girl.  But, I made it happen on this lazy Sunday, so I’m pretty pumped about my productivity (even if that was pretty much the only thing I accomplished today) from the couch.

I still have my cold which is bothering my chest and my ears in addition to the congestion from most of this week, so I’m hoping for a reprieve and recovery soon.  Tomorrow I go in for chemo and, as always, they will first check my blood counts to make sure my body is strong enough to take the hit.  Knowing my team, they’ll give me a thorough check up and decide whether more medical intervention is needed to try to speed up my recovery.  Despite the cold I’m hoping I will be good to have chemo as normal, as it is advantageous to stay on the cancer-killing regimen as prescribed.  It is safe to say that until I’ve kicked this cold, however, I’m only doing the minimum life stuff and logging extra couch time.  Brad did everything possible this weekend to set me up for as much rest and relaxation as I could get, so — as usual — he is taking care of me in every possible way.  I’m so lucky.  He’s so awesome; I’m in a awe of how he dotes on me.

The February temperature hit fifty-four degrees today, and Maren and I took a walk around the neighborhood before she went to a fun “joy seeker club” meeting, organized by a friend.  Being out in the sunshine was lovely.  Greta was Brad’s shadow today; she was his sidekick, assistant, and lackey as they navigated their day.  She gave him a nickname the week I was traveling, and is a bit of a Daddy’s girl right now.

This week we’ll be doing our normal week, with help from our village.  All our needs are met just in the right timing.

I will be back in the chemo chair tomorrow, so feel free to circle back around to me again if I haven’t responded or written back to you.  (I’m still super behind.  I’m bringing lists of emails and cards I want to write; however I’m also open to a nap.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.)  Thanks (again) for (yet more) grace.



  1. Grace, grace and more grace.

  2. Lisa Smith /

    Love you

  3. I’m open to a nap all the time, and I don’t have cancer. Grace girl! Love you.

  4. Hugs and love from up north!!

  5. Kim Rourke /

    May the grocery gods be with you! Naps are good because, remember, all those groceries must be put away. Thinking of you today.

  6. Praying for you my friend. You are a rock. I see Him in you.

  7. Mommaj /

    Praying for peaceful Rest genes today as well as Healing from your cold congestion. You’re Never far from my thoughts, my heart and in my prayers!!

  8. Lindsay /

    Hope the grocery shopping was a success!