It twinkled

Jun 18

I pulled in my driveway today, and thought what’s different?  My house looks so … clean.

The answer?  No weeds!

It was like breath of fresh air.  I think my house might have actually twinkled at me!

Some sneaky weeders came to my house today and pulled all my weeds.  It was a mystery for most of the day, and I pondered and humdrummed over who it might have been.  I stifled the feeling that I “asked for it” when I shared it on the blog–trusting the gift as I’m sure it was intended.  Late in the day I got a text because one of the mini-weeders left a hat and they wanted me to keep an eye out for it.  Mystery solved.  I’m loved by some good-hearted folks.  Thanks friends.  Thanks village.

It’s great to have a village who shows up when you ask for help.

It’s great to have a village who shows up when you don’t ask for help.

Lesson of the week for me?  Just show up when I see a need.  I’ve got a lot stored up in the pay-it-forward bank.


  1. Lisa Smith /

    Receive it. Xo.

  2. Malia /

    Thankful that your load feels a little lighter tonight. You’re clearly well loved by so many.

  3. Yay for the weeding elves! I’m gonna keep that in my pocket for a friend in need!

  4. peggy /

    It’s a win-win for everyone! Your magic elves are delighted they found a way to help you and you’re pleased to have a twinkly house…it’s the circle of friendship working at its best. Those little deeds sure do make this world a wonderful place! ♥p

  5. Katie /

    God’s community at its finest!!! I LOVE it!!

  6. Was praying for this to happen. Receive. Rest. Be with your family and God. ❤️

  7. Angela /

    Oh, yay!! I was hoping some of your close-by friends would bless you like this! Well done, guys. You all rock!!

    And YES, Jen – drink it in!! I hope you can bring things outside, or to a window, where you can look at that peaceful twinkle and feel the love while you sit, work on other stuff, cuddle your kids, talk to Brad, etc. Healing love!

    Hugs from Michigan! And prayers for those toes, and for the Marathon decision, and for total eradication of cancer!