Wind on my face

May 27

Tonight I went for my evening stroll at sunset.  The sky was brilliantly beautiful and I so enjoy the routine of a quiet half-hour/hour to myself meandering my neighborhood.  As I walked tonight it was chilly enough that I wore a sweatshirt.  The wind picked up and my hair blew into my eye.  The implication it that my hair is long enough to blow into my face.  What a blessing; it felt like a whispered promise that good things are to come.

Thanks for your encouragement and support with regard to my last post.  It means a lot.  You people really locked on to the high five thing; I think every message I got today included a high five!

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  –Exodus 14:14


  1. KellyE /

    Your last two posts continue to inspire me. I saw you at your girls dance rehearsal. I wanted to run up and give you a hug and “high five” but you were busy being a mom to G. So I sent you my good thoughts and prayers. We all need grace, we all need to cut ourselves some slack. Thanks for sharing your vulnerable side, I think that’s also doing today well.

    Also, I still do my girls hair in that twist braid you taught me. I continue to say a prayer for you each time I do it or teach someone else to do it. I see a little bit of your strength, beauty and generosity in your willingness to take the time to teach me that in my girls braids.

  2. Lisa Smith /

    What a perfect post. You are so lovely. xo

  3. Bonnie BJ /

    Sitting on the couch in TN reading your post and HIGH 5ing you all the way!! You have added so much JOY to my life and am so grateful ….

  4. Karin /

    If only we could all look for joy like you do…. smiles.