An ordinary day

May 05

Today was a great day.  Despite a fitful nights sleep (thanks steroids), I got up enough gumption to get up early and work out (thanks steroids again).  Since I flipped Greta’s wardrobe from winter to spring/summer on Sunday night (love that about Maren’s old hand-me-downs!), she and I will be having many new discussions about what to wear.  She is so funny about clothes as an almost four-year-old.  I’ve been taking “style photos” for the past several months when her ensembles are particularly amusing.  Today was Mother’s Day Tea at her preschool, so we both wore dresses with bright colors.  Maren’s wardrobe has some holes (no hand-me-downs), and my key to shopping for her is to imagine it in my size: if I’d wear it, so will she.  She’s so much easier than Greta!  Maren handed me her novel to read this morning: it’s a writing project she’s been working on for months.  I’m pretty sure Maren is not your average second grade author; it’s marvelous to see her create characters and story lines and plot.  There are chapters(!) and quotations marks(!) and a bibliography(!).  I’m so proud.

I took Greta with me to run errands today, I try to limit the store-to-store-to-store thing most of the time, but I’m trying to be productive and check things off the list early this week since I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling as the days tick by.  Greta was so delightfully behaved; I’ve seen moments of rationality from her that I’ve been dreaming of during the toddler years.  She turns four in a few days and I can’t call her a toddler any more.  As we entered the grocery store I saw that they had one of those ride-on machines: a little bear in a jeep.  I told her that if she had good behavior, I would give her fifty cents so she could ride the jeep.  Sure enough, she earned it.  She was so thrilled with herself, her quarters, her ride, the music the ride made, and her success.  Channeling Greta towards goodness is so rewarding because she just beams.  It’s energizing and fun to be around her.

This afternoon, we spent the first hour checking off our lists: Maren had a bit of homework, Greta needed an early dinner, I cooked, picked up, and cleaned the kitchen.  We spent the next two hours outside: planting flowers that Greta and I picked out today, doing art on the patio, taking a long walk around the neighborhood and bumping into at least half-a-dozen friends, and spending the last hour at the neighborhood playground.

We didn’t come in until eight o’clock, and we quickly did a second hodge podge dinner with Brad.  Both girls were tucked in and asleep by nine.  Brad and I folded three loads of laundry together before declaring ourselves done for the night.

Nothing remarkable happened today.  I had sweet moments with my children, good conversation and connection with Brad, and cheerful, happy encounters with people I know all day long.  It was a beautiful day.  I can’t count the number of people who brightened it and made me feel loved in one way or another.  I’m blessed.

Do today well?  Today, yes.


  1. Bonnie BJ /

    So true so true !!! The daily tick of life to me isn’t necessarily the BIG things. ….. it’s ALL of the little things, that some deem mundane, that make up the the Specialness of the Day !! This is a day given to us to celebrate, let’s Rejoice in that 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is the little things, the ordinary things, that count the very most.

  3. Abby /

    Yay yay yay! SO happy you got NORMAL, if even for aa day. Pretty sure God works in the little things, and although this looks like a little thing, it’s actually a huge, exciting deal. Cancer cannot take your NORMALNESS and you’re not letting it 🙂