Spring break fun

Apr 01

Spring break fun

We went to the post office today and mailed out the art and thank yous for (almost) everyone who donated funds for Maren’s not-so-little art project.  I’ve been communicating with the folks at the Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer, and they would like to arrange for a moment-that-matters for Maren to hand off the funds to the terrific folks at the foundation.   Since it’s spring break season, having our little ceremony will mean waiting a few weeks until they return home.  (This means that if you mailed us a check, please allow us a little grace period so that we can arrange this meet-up.  I’m sorry, and thank you.)

With donations still coming in, Maren has already earned more than enough to send one cancer-affected family on a vacation.  Isn’t that incredible?  One little girl wanted to make a difference she did it!  I am so so so proud of her start-to-finish effort on this project.   Maren and I high-fived: it felt good to send so much of her hard work out the door and into the hearts and homes of new people.  Thank you for making this particular dream come true.  Look at how deep her dimple is today–that’s joy!

photo 1

More good news: I got the cell search test back.  This is the one where they take a sample of my blood, and send it off to a lab where someone with a microscope counts the number of cancer cells that show up in the blood.  My result: zero!  There were no circulating cancer cells in my blood.  (This is huge because when cancer cells are in the bloodstream, that is when they can “jump” to make a home in the lungs, liver, bones or brain.)  Woo hoo!  Yay for my perfect zero!

photo 3


Today at the post office, Greta’s job was to drop the envelopes into the slot.  We give the three-year-old the heavy responsibilities.  I told her to smile and that I wanted to document what a good helper she’s been through this entire project.  Maren’s been the driver, but Greta’s been “helping” in her own way all along the journey.  This is dramatic flair with which Greta stands on the counter and drops mail into slots.  (OMG who is this kid and how is she my child?)  She makes everything more fun.

photo 2



  1. Melody Smith /

    Woo hoo – the pictures are wonderful and each special in their own way! ZERO is HUGE and so happy to hear and see it “0”. Go Jen Go…

  2. Heather Rose /

    I celebrate the # ZERO with you today!!! As two friends face relapse my own little cancer scar literally aches in sympathy pains and fear. I taken solace in your path and approach. So grateful that you entrust us and share your story with us!! I missed out on the fundraiser but would love to commission Miss Maren for one of her pieces if she is taking orders. Maybe a summer project?
    Many thanks and kind regards,
    Heather Rose

  3. Lisa Smith /

    YAY FOR PERFECT ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay for spring break family fun! SO THANKFUL for the zero!

  5. peggy /

    Gotta say…ZERO is my new HaPpY!!! ♥p

  6. Nancy Zwolinski /

    Zero is my new favorite number.

  7. Ginger /

    Yeah for a big zero !!!

  8. Michelle /

    This post makes me want to jump for joy! Everyone pictured has something great to share! Even your girls “do today well”. Your cancer isn’t spreading (hallelujah) just your joy and compassion for others! Woo hoo!

  9. Bonnie J /

    Now that’s an April 1st we won’t forget !! Yea for Zero – a most special spring break treat!!! and brings a ray of sunshine in the thunderous roar of this grey morning 🙂

  10. Jennifer /

    Celebrating a glorious zero. Best wishes for a lovely Easter weekend with your family. My daughter has a similar dramatic flair – she adds colour to everything in our world!

  11. Lori6NV /

    Yay zero!