My story

Mar 30

My story

I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve been less than satisfied with last week’s news that there are new metastases in my body.  They’re pissed, actually.

Me too.  It’s not the rosy-happy-clear-NED-clean report we wanted and hoped for.

There’s disappointment there; I felt the blow when Dr. Wonderful delivered the news.  I didn’t get the easy route.

But this doesn’t mean the story is over.  It doesn’t mean anything actually.  I’ve been at this point before: spine spot, liver spots, lung spots, blah, blah, blah.  Time and again, my medical status returned to “No Evidence of Disease.”  It can happen again.  God can do it again and again and again and again and again.  I’m jumping through the science hoops but there are already things that have happened that science can’t explain, and I live in hopeful expectation that more miracles will come to be.  This is God’s story, and I’m blessed enough to be walking it out with Him.  This battle is being fought on a cellular level within my body, and it’s also being fought in the heavenly realm.  I don’t have to tell you in which world my hope lies.

I’m a storyteller; it’s what I was born to be.  And this story, my story, is God’s story.  I love it.


That’s me in the caricature, by the way, that sassy girl with the strawberry blond pony-tail and fabulous shoes.  She’s not fading or dying or defeated or sad or lonely.

She’s confidently, steadfastly saying, “Watch out world.  I’m living a palooza life.  I’m LIVING.”

I know my story has a happy ending.

So teach us to number our days so that we may get  heart of wisdom.  –Psalm 90:12



  1. Newbyfriend /

    You make me smile beautiful girl.

    • Suzanna Waddell /

      I have been reading your blog from the beginning. You have truly helped me know that life is a gift and our children are a gift. I am praying for you!

  2. ShannonK /

    I love you girlfriend!!! You know how to live!!!

  3. Lisa Smith /

    Love you Jen. Praying for NED and spreading Do Today Well like there is no tomorrow. You are a treasure and a good kick in the pants when I need it. Xo

  4. Brwynn /

    I would expect no less from you!! Prayers ALWAYS coming from my family to yours! ❤️

  5. Mike Eck /

    Always been something special about strawbery / blond / redheads.

  6. Kim Rourke /

    And so you go forth with determination and an indomitable spirit! Have a fabulous weekend with your man!

  7. Bonnie J /

    I consider waking up in the morning a GIFT.. This is the day the Lord has made! Let us Rejoice and be glad in it. You ARE doing that !! None of us truly know what the day holds for us – we just need to walk step by step Courageously and Boldly into it. Love you do much!!

  8. Aunt Annie /

    Love the Ps–Post, Picture, Psalm, Palooza life and Phenomenal Jen! Praying for you!

  9. peggy /

    You know my story…it happened 39 years ago. I believe you will have the same happy outcome. God has a plan for you…your “story” is far from over. There are plenty of blank pages yet to fill…with fabulous experiences. Sharpen up your pencils, Jen, you’ve got a lot of “writing” to do! ♥p

  10. Maureen /

    I think the story is in the living that you are doing. That you are doing each day well. That you are being a ray of light for your girls and that you are an amazing person with an undeniable spirit that has reached so many people. In being yourself and living with this you inspire people with and without cancer. I know we don’t know each other but obviously through your blog I feel like I know you a little bit and often tell you your story calling you “my friend” (otherwise it’s kind of weird me randomly following a blog of someone I have never crossed paths with!) Maybe someday we will meet, maybe not. Either way I am cheering from cyberspace and grateful for you and praying alongside so many others. For whatever reason I found your blog and am grateful for the lessons I am finding in your words.

  11. Amen! The author and perfector of our faith writes our stories, they may be ones that we would have not chosen, but He never lets go of the pen, He never is “surprised” by the twists and the turns of our stories… He is ALWAYS in control. May you feel His presence and trust His story line for you. Continuing to pray.

  12. Banita /

    Jen, sending prayers for,you and your family!’

  13. Jennifer /

    Just another cheerleader-stranger-person who is joining the masses in prayer and warm wishes. May the heavenly realm bestow some smooth sailing back to Ned status and many, many more days, weeks and years of normal life with your beautiful family. You are a beautiful storyteller, Jen.

  14. Christin /

    Beautifully said. I’m right here with you.


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