Roar on, roll on

Mar 24

Roar on, roll on




Does anybody need a good laugh today?  Check out this picture of G:


Remember how she changes into a “workout outfit” from our clothes-to-give-away pile while I’m working out?   And then she “works out” with me?  This was today’s ensemble.  She’s wearing a size 2T leopard uni-suit that is supposed to be long pants and long sleeves.  It’s stretched to the max on my size 5 daughter.  But, she marched around wearing it and singing Katy Perry’s Roar for an hour this morning, so I think she totally rocked it.  I mean, check out her roaring in the photo.  She has an awesome snarl.

I got up this morning and headed to work out, because that’s what the best version of Jen does first thing in the morning.  Lazy Jen hits the alarm, and Distracted Jen checks email, and Excuses Jen thinks maybe there is a sore throat/runny nose/toe problem that justifies skipping the workout.  When I work out in the morning, it always kicks my day off on a good start.  So, that’s the tone I set today.  I was encouraged to do it by others; my strength is not my own.

Our day rolled on, the weirdest thing is that my car was in the shop so I was home most of the day.  The whole “bad things happen in three’s” is crap because in the past two weeks we’ve had:
1. flooded basement (bye bye deductible)
2. stubbed/broken toe (seriously, I couldn’t make this toe drama up if I tried)
3. car needs brakes/rotors/calipers (Brad’s response via text: “Safety first :-)” He’s amazing.)
4. 3 spots of cancer

We have perspective about our problems.  Short term we have no problems.  We’re focusing in and choosing joy.  We’re good.  Really good, actually.

We have each other; today we are safe and happy.  We all had good days today.  We choose joy.

Thank you for the encouragement and kind words.  I’m blessed.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  — 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18



  1. That is awesome!! Love it. She is so full of personality.

  2. Michelle /

    That’s a keeper! Greta will NOT be happy about that picture as she ages! I think I can hear her now, “Mom, why did you let me wear that???”. We both know she will never admit to choosing that and dressing herself!!!

  3. Sheila Los /

    You are awesome! I totally see where G gets it!

  4. Nancy Zwolinski /

    How you make me smile. Thank you.

  5. Leah Chapman /

    That is precious! Thinking of you, my friend – stay joyful 🙂

  6. Oh Jen! If you can make time and invest in working out then we all ought to be a bit less of a slacker, right? I thought of you all day and did my best to be present and soak up the day. Tonight I read the first ten pages of Harry potter to a sick and sniffly Amara, a wild chatty Aria, and a sweet distracted Annika who tried to help keep her baby sister busy while falling into the world of Harry Potter. This first time novel reading to three girls happened bc of your three spots. They somehow knocked me awake with powerful Jenspective

    What happened to your basement?

  7. peggy /

    I’m reading this blog post right before heading to bed. That cute picture of G is what I’ll be thinking about as I head off to dreamland. What a hoot! You’re definitely going to be in the dog house in another few years when she realizes you posted that on a public blog!!! Good thing she looks so adorable!

    Yes, what did happen to the basement?

  8. Sharon /

    Be still and know that I am God. In the midst of momminess, grocery shopping, exercising and just ordinary craziness, you find stillness and know God in the laughter, in the joy, in your toe, in your basement, in your ornery car, and in your spots. Always you are still and know God. That is what you consistently witness to me. I continue to pray without ceasing and believing.
    AND thank you, Greta. You are a gift that just keeps on giving me delight

  9. Shari /

    Sorry to hear about the four bad things, but Greta is such a cutie!! I love that she is willing to squeeze into a size 2T outfit, just so she can roar with you and Katy Perry! Positive vibes and prayers for strength and healing are being sent your way, always.

  10. Tiffany /

    Continuing to pray for you all! You are such an amazing inspiration and I’m so glad to call you my sister in Christ! You make us all want to choose joy and continue to! Keep on keeping on!