To yesterday’s sixteen

Mar 20

As of this posting, sixteen generous, amazing, spectacular friends, family and stranger friends commented, encouraged, donated and/or pledged to help Maren donate to the Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer on yesterday’s blog. Thank you, you sixteen souls; you have no idea how your words and actions have validated and encouraged my little girl.  She’s writing to you… she started tonight, and we’ll get her words to you… soon.  (It’s hard to set specific time-standard goals for seven-year-olds.)  But I had to (HAD TO) say thank you (THANK YOU) tonight.

You know, I set up the blog to publish A girl inspired at 12:01am for a few reasons.  The main reason was because I was nervous to push “publish” when I was awake.  I was nervous because that blog entry contained a little bit of my Maren’s heart.  This mama was nervous for my girl and her heart.

She worked so hard on her little art project, and she was so hoping it would be worthy.  There was so much conversation in our house last week where she was struggling to see the worth in her work, and therefore she struggled to see her worth.  The creation of the art was a great learning, growing, stretching experience for us both.

When we talked about how much money this project might earn, she said, “Maybe twenty dollars?”  She knows that is about what we spend for gifts for birthday parties.  She considered, “Maybe fifty?” but her voice was a little wavery and she didn’t quite believe that could happen.

We whispered prayers last night that five someones (one for each “auction” item) would like her art and offer to donate for cancer families.  She cried people, she cried in her prayers.

It took a lot of courage for Maren to offer her art to you yesterday.  (Her art = heart.)

Tonight I had her sit at the kitchen counter and read aloud all of the comments.

Some were straightforward bids brimming with generosity in action.

Some are monetary donations–an amazing lesson for a small person in doing something nice and receiving nothing in return.

Some were verbiage of cheer and encouragement for her initiative and gumption.

For all, she grinned and glowed and glowed and grinned.

She got out a clipboard (she’s so my daughter–I love it), and is tracking the pledges for each picture.  Another column tracks donations.  She is (We are) shocked and stunned by the pricing that you folks have pledged and donated.  She is so encouraged by your words and actions.  Thank you for telling her what you think of her idea/effort/work.  Thank you for sharing in this with us.  You are heroes.

I went to sleep last night praying for my version of “success” for her endeavor.  And, once again, I am reminded of how small I am.  Love is so powerful; thank you for loving my girl.  And let’s not forget that you and Maren are going to send a cancer family on a Fun Only vacation.  How amazing is that?

Thank you.  Thank you.


  1. Lisa Smith /

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Dear Maren (and friend Jen),
    As a fellow artist (35 year old woman no less), I can completely relate to your art show jitters as you hoped and prayed that people would appreciate your art and your HEART. I am SO PROUD of your courage, your creativity, your giving soul and your artistic talent! Please don’t ever deny that budding artist within! Love and hugs from California. xoxo

    • admin /

      Lisa, thank you so much for connecting to Maren artist-to-artist. Your words are something that she will carry in her heart; thank you for sharing them. You rock.

  2. peggy /

    Maren, I really loved your “Glowing Sun” picture but didn’t want to “bid” on it as I was certain it would be a crowd favorite and I would eventually have to drop out of the race. Actually I like ALL of your creations! Then I had a flash of inspiration. I’m sure others like all of your pictures. Is there a way, with the help of your talented mom, aunts and grandma, that you could turn your collection of art into 3 x 5 note cards? They could be sold as a set. Each year, as your art continues to inspire you, you can provide new sets. It’s just a thought, but I happen to love to write notes and am always looking for ones with great pictures, sayings or original artwork. I especially like to support causes. Think about this idea, Maren. I think you have incredible talent that needs to reach a larger audience! ♥p

    • Bonnie J /

      This is absolutely fantastic idea!! I too use notecards alot and would most certainly purchase a set. Great job Maren !!

      • This is a great idea!
        I was out of town for the big auction and am just now reading to catch up. I love the idea of making note cards with photos of Maren’s artwork.

    • Aunt Annie /

      Maren, ALL of your art was inspiring! Since I’ve received Maren art in the past and hopefully again in the future, I donated instead of bidding so that others could be reminded of your big heart and creativity. I like Peggy’s idea of making the notecards, so even more people could enjoy your fantastic art and support KWF! Stay calm and paint on! Hugs and kisses!

  3. Would Maren consider making an entire “batch” of additional sun pictures available for purchase since it is such a crowd favorite? 🙂 Please tell her how brave she was to share her art and heart with your readers; I know how much risk can be involved with offering what we create to the world! 🙂

    • Robyn /

      I would buy a Glowing Sun too! If she puts more up, we’ll purchase 🙂

      What an amazing girl.

  4. jen gev /

    I really, really loved your Glowing Sun. : ) Your heart comes out in your art and you are awesome.

  5. Congratulations to both of you! Such talent, and with big hearts too!

    Jenn – it is so hard to to let our children fly with freedom as we worry about their possible failure. If they fail, we have to be there to lift their spirits and encourage them to try again, and it would be so hard. If they fly, we sit back and watch and marvel at how brave and awesome they are (and in my husbands & my case, we sit and cry tears of joy and wonder). I have learned to not let the things that hold me back be known to my son. He does so many things that I would have NEVER considered, and he continues to surprise me all the time. Parenting teaches us so much!

    I too love the sun! Keep us posted if more will be made to be sold!

  6. Hi Maren & Jen –
    We have been away for the past week & I’m finally catching up with emails & your blog tonight. I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know how incredible I think all of this is. Maren is a truly gifted artist, and quite obviously has an incredibly amazing heart. I’m so impressed that Maren came up with and followed through with this wonderful idea — her artwork will undoubtedly bring much joy to the lucky “winners” for many years to come!