Turn toward the sun

Mar 11

Turn toward the sun


See that blue sky?  Spring has come.

One week ago, we had snow day #7.

On Sunday I pumped up the long-flat bicycle tires.

Yesterday we stopped at the playground on a whim; we swam in the sunshine and climbed with our souls.

Melting snow mountains are fun to climb.

Life’s best pleasures are messy.

Today the tricycles and scooters whirled around and around and around on the driveway.

Our driveway is once again a haphazard gallery of chalk art.

The gigantic snow lady in our front yard is reduced to a six-inch mound of snow with mittens, hat and scarf swirling in the dirt around her.  You think Olaf had melting problems…

The first perennials are sprouting up, confused little sprouts that they are; the snow melted to reveal them.

Snow pants and boots are washed and put away.

Galoshes and umbrellas replace mittens and hats in the hall closet.

I linger outside during these first spring days.

The world smells muddy; it feels hopeful.

We are free without the bulk of our winter coats.

I turn my face to the sun and bask in the warmth.  It’s the literal execution of a thought I think most days.  I do it every year; yet I’m still surprised at the sting of the first early spring sunburn.  I smile my pink smile and know good things are to come.

It’s spring; let us all turn toward the sun.



  1. Melody Smith /

    woot woot – bring on Spring – nicely put Jen!

  2. Spring is full of hope, isn’t it? Hooray for sunshine, mud, and confused perennials!
    LOVE the picture of the girls climbing the snow mounds. I still have vivid memories of doing that as a child.

  3. Beautifully put!

  4. Bonnie J /

    Played some pick-em-up-sticks yesterday myself 🙂 Today the spring fire pile grows with reckless abandon.. LOVE LOVE early Spring days – Agreed Jen !! HOPE abounds and hidden signs of growth are on the horizon. Have a Wonderful day my Dear !!