Post-op report

Dec 16

Surgery is done!  NED (No Evidence of Disease) prevails.  Thank you God!

I am sitting in my hospital bed, Brad is next to me working on organizing photos, Maren and Greta are having a school night slumber party with friends.  We are all healthy and happy.  Yay NED!  Our village is covering our many, many logistics.  Thank you Village!  We literally could not do this without you.  Once again, Brad and I are humbled and grateful for our innumerable blessings.  Our prayer is that we will pay it forward.

I have nine different wires and tubes streaming from my body; tonight’s orders are to stay in bed.  Tomorrow my nurses will have me walking the halls; it will be like walking nine awkward pets using harnesses instead leashes.  I am my very own entourage.  My pain is under control and I’m still partially numb, so the pain will get worse before it gets better once that pain block wears off.  I am elated that the surgery went well, and that the ugly cells are OUTTA HERE.  The surgery went well, and Dr. Wizard was able to take out the upper right lobe of my lung using the less-invasive version of the procedure.  I have three holes stitched up from surgery, and one active hole where I have a chest tube.

The chest tube is the worst part of the gig.  It’s a garden hose shoved between my ribs and into the peritoneal cavity with gentle suction to catch the air that is leaking from my lungs.  (If we didn’t have the tube, the air would accumulate in the cavity and eventually compress/collapse my lung.)  The pain block is working great s0 far–woo!

Thank you for all your prayers, happy thought, and good mojo.  Today has been a great day!


  1. Newbyfriend /

    You are an amazing woman! I have been praying throughout this entire day for you. Thank you Lord for answering the prayers of so many, for Jen! This is great news-NED-. Thanks for updating us, sending love and happy healing!!!!

  2. Tara Homan /

    Oh how I’ve prayed and waited all day for this update!!! Hugs to you sweet girl.

  3. Uncle G /

    God is great indeed!

    As you walk the halls tomorrow with all your wires and tubes, just think of yourself as a human marionette!


  4. Hurrah!!!!! Prayers for quick healing!!!!

  5. I called Kathy R. As soon as I left work and heard the news. Yay.

  6. Merry Christmas! He is risen with healing in His wings! He sings over you with love! Rest, beloved!

  7. So glad it’s out!!! Glad everything all seemed to go smoothly!! Prayers and love!!

  8. Darlene Cliff /

    Oh thank you Jesus. Best news today!!!! Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the good news.

  9. Kim Rourke /

    You are amazing and wonderful to let us all know. Was mentally pacing and didn’t want to go to bed before getting news. I will now sleep well and pray you will be able to do the same, garden hose and all!

  10. I can’t believe you are already blogging. I don’t know where your physical strength comes from just a few hours post surgery.

  11. ShannonK /

    Thank you so much for keeping us posted in the midst of your pain. Love you friend!

  12. So glad to hear this great news! Wishing you continued strength and peace throughout your recovery and beyond, and hoping your pain levels will remain as bearable as possible too. Gentle hugs to you!

  13. Glad to hear it Jen! I’ve been thinking of you lots! Many many strangers pulling for you to resume NED Life!

  14. Thank you for sharing the great news. Wishing you and your family a most blessed Christmas and sending happy thoughts! 🙂

  15. Once again, you have been covered by angels and by our Lord’s gentle arms. Praise God for this report. I agree with so many others, you are amazing and an inspiration to me and I’m sure to everyone who reads your blog.

  16. Lisa Marker /

    Spectacular news!!!! Merry Christmas, Jen and Fam!

  17. ohiofishergirl /

    Woohoo!!! NED is back!!! Wishing you peaceful rest, sweet dreams, and a speedy recovery. Gentle hugs, Lauri

  18. Michelle /

    Glad to get a “check-in” blog post. Your prayer angels were thinking of you!!!

  19. Julie Hines /

    So thankful the surgery went well! I’m praying that God will bless you with a speedy recovery so you will soon be back home with your family.

  20. prayers for speedy healing!

  21. Lindsay /

    Been praying all day for you girl!! Yay for NED!!!!!

  22. WOO HOO! I am a faithful (silent) follower for a year or so now. I think I have left 1 comment thus far. I am ELATED to hear you are NED!!! So happy for you and your sweet little family. I pray that y’all have 100 more healthy, happy years together. Congratulations on this most wonderful and prayed for news. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  23. jen gev /

    Thank you, God, for prayers answered! Our thoughts are lingering over your family, and our prayers are for quick and smooth recovery. We love you guys!

  24. Wonderful news! And so glad you were able to get the surgery so quickly! Sending our love from Fort Thomas.

  25. You are amazing! Thanks for caring enough about your prayer warriors out there to blog so soon after surgery. I prayed throughout the day and am so thrilled to hear the results. Will continue to pray for your recovery and pain management! Bless you, friend.

  26. Sharing your joy. Have been praying without ceasing so now am thanking God without ceasing. And thank you, Jen, for sharing the great news even though you must be exhausted. So sleep, rainbow princess, we’ve got healing prayers covered 24/7.

  27. Wonderful news, Jen! Rest deeply and heal quickly!

  28. So glad to see this update!Continued blessings, sweet people!

  29. Hillary not DE now CA /

    Been praying HARD. This is the best news! So thrilled to get this update too! Rest,recover and please be easy on yourself along the way. Best best best news!!!

  30. Answered prayer! Congrats on a successful surgery! Sending lots of love your way!

  31. Julie Talford /

    Thank you Jesus! I was expecting a post from Brad so was plesantly surprised when you actually posted on the blog. You are one amazing woman and I am still your warrior from the north. I am celebrating with you and will be celebrating even more when the darn garden hose is removed 🙂 Love you girlie!


  32. So happy to hear surgery is over! Best wishes for a speedy recovery:-)

  33. Sharon House /

    Hallelujah! You are ‘NED’bulous!

  34. Stephanie /

    Great news! So happy for you! Merry Christmas! xo

  35. NED! YEAH! Prayed all day…loud and clear. Thankfully God heard our collective voices! Now hurry and heal. On Christmas Eve decorate yourself with a big red bow and sit under the tree. You truly are a gift…not just to your family, but to all of us! ♥p

  36. Jen, thank you for posting this blog. Your encouraging voice touches so many. As God speaks thru you I pray that you are encouraged at every turn. Thanking God for you and all that He created you to be. Love on your day.

  37. Bonnie J /

    Outstanding news Jen and what a superb Christmas gift from the Lord!! Rest peaceably, recover completely and enjoy every moment with your family. Praying always!!

  38. Jenn Wilkey /

    Oh YAY!!! You are a tough woman. So glad those cells are gone. Praise the Lord!

  39. Yay for NED! A Merry
    Christmas indeed!

  40. Lori6NV /

    Your positivity is downright inspiring. I’m praying for a speedy recovery so you can enjoy Christmas with your girls. God bless!

  41. You are amazing! Sending you lots of love and healing prayers.

  42. Yay! Praise the Lord! So thankful God has provided such an amazing group of people to help with all the logistics so that you and Brad can rest at the hospital. We are praying for you often and will continue to do so.

  43. Christin /

    I’m so happy for you and praying with the masses for recovery and continued joy!

  44. Kathi Roth /

    Yay. Tears of joy!

  45. Best gift ever! NED!! Praying the pain stays under control. Giving thanks with you.

  46. So happy to hear, Jen! We have never met but I have followed your journey and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Love from Pittsburgh, PA! Kathy

  47. This is a Christmas blessing that you have successfully attained NED status. Thank the Lord! We love you and are inspired by your generous giving spirit in spite of your own health challenges. God bless you.

  48. Aunt Annie /

    Hallelujah! Whooppee! Praise the Lord! Fabulous! Awesome! NED! Your reinforcements are helping on the home front so stay calm with no qualms, carry on fighter and you’ll be mightier soon!

  49. Great news! I hope you rest well and that recovery is as smooth as it can be.

  50. Great news, maybe that walk tomorrow with the 9 harnessed pets will be a new craze after moon walking, gangman style, rapping moves, chicken dance,nutbush city limits, the twist, limbo and many others. Good luck with the white knuckle territory of chest drain. Praying for you and sending lots of hugs. Happy dancing through the day.
    Love Neecie and Leo

  51. A high five from WA for NED status! Absolutely joyful for your news. Prayers for a speedy recovery from surgery and a Christmas full of peace, comfort, and true joy.

  52. So happy for you!!! NED!!!!!

  53. Continuing to hold you up in prayer.

  54. Jennifer /

    Christmas blessings to you and your loves ones – your village, your clan, your medical team. May your recovery be as smooth as possible so you can bask in the glow of Christmas with your family.