Dec 12


For a week that I thought was going to drag on forever, it seems like it went fast.  Weird!

Knowing I would likely be having surgery kicked me into overdrive, so I was more productive than usual.  I also soaked in more snuggles and made more moments-that-matter.  Because, you know, perspective.  I’ve got it.  To love and be loved; that was my week.  I’m blessed.

Greta wrote a secret message to Santa.  Um, help?  She was actually cackling at me as I tried to persuade her to translate.  See?  Cackles!  I’m in trouble…


Maren pulled the Nutcracker ornament off the tree (her souvenir from last year’s ballet–such a fun gift we received), and put a small piece of pistachio in it’s mouth.  “Look mom, the Nutcracker is cracking a nut.”  She cracked up (my pun intended) thought this was hilarious.  However, I think she thought she was the first person to ever take that literally.  Dear girl.


On Wednesday I got a message “Princess Jen! … Your Fairy Godmother is paying you a visit tomorrow, courtesy of some of your biggest fans.”  That’s what I love about my people.  They don’t pause to ask me what they can do… they take off running and dream up an idea and execute it.  Having a clean house makes me feel calm and relaxed.  Having it cleaned by someone other than me makes me deliriously happy–seriously, perhaps too happy; I have issues.  Thanks friends.


I’ve had a couple of friends over and we’ve sat in a sea of Happy Thought Bubbles whilst they choose their holiday gifts.  It’s pretty fun to chat and catch up and ooh and aah over color and sparkle and iridescent bubbles.  I have a stash of about seventy Happy Thought Bubbles if anyone local wants to shop visit me.  I can also mail them to you on Monday.  My mom has a stash at her house too, though she has admitted that she leaves a bin of them in her car at all times because people ask her to see them so often.  ‘Tis the season!  I’m wrapping up teacher gifts and sending them to school on Monday.  Checking off my checklist!  Woo!

I called Dr. Wonderful’s office every day to get my blood results, but apparently the cell search test samples travel to California.  I think they stopped at the Grand Canyon (can’t blame them) on their way because it was a long wait.  Finally, this morning, I got the result.  When Nurse answered at Dr. Wonderful’s office I said, “Nurse!  I’m looking for a big fat zero on my cell search.  Please make it official.”  She looked it up and said (squealed?) “Zero!  That just made my day Miss Jen!”  Me too, Nurse, me too!  This means there are no? few?  let’s go with no cancer cells floating around in my bloodstream.  It makes it more likely that if I can get this one small spot out, I can re-continue my NED status.

Let’s just pause for a moment to let that soak in and acknowledge it for the miracle it is.  Thank you, Jesus.  

Christmas shopping is almost done.  There will be a dirt track from the street to my front door with all the deliveries coming in this week.  Let the wrapping begin!  I love gift-giving… it’s not about the stuff, it’s about speaking to my people’s strengths in what I find for them.  Goodness breeds goodness, kindness breeds kindness, generosity breeds generosity.  The greatest moments of joy for me are when I succeed in making others feel happy, loved, special, important.  I’m so grateful for this, the language of my life.

Maren and I have had several conversations about cancer this week.  It’s hard, and it’s the closest I get to angry: thinking about my little girl having to conceptualize and deal with her mama’s cancer.  She is handling it with grace and poise beyond her years, and thus I am right back to my happy place: gratitude.  We’re doing this, and we’re doing it well.  I burst with pride over my two girls.

I went to Dr. Wizard’s workshop today.  He’s still got his Harry Potter glasses, and he’s ready to wave his wand and take the ugly spot out.  Surgery is set for early Tuesday morning.  Woo!  This time he’ll be taking out the entire upper lobe of my right lung, and may have to open me up instead of doing it with a scope.  Nonetheless, I was downright gleeful when we set the plan.  Countdown is on for me to be back to NED!  T minus 84(ish) hours.  I’m so so so grateful!

Thank you for the many prayers and kind thoughts this week.  Rejoice!  Rejoice in this day…


  1. My happy thought bubble is on my tree…we are all shining and thinking happy thoughts for you.

  2. Jennifer /

    Praying for you, and your family, and NED.

  3. Jennifer /

    Praying for you, your family, and NED!

  4. Kristin /

    Thinking about you Jen! Can’t wait for you to get back to NED!

  5. kathleen /

    Definitely at day to “Rejoice”

  6. Jen powers /

    So so so happy to hear this. What a great piece of news for the end of this week!!

  7. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful woman!

  8. Praying for speedy healing! You are such an amazing woman! Your positive and grateful attitude always lifts me up!

  9. Praying for a smooth surgery – are you going to recover at home or the hospital or your parents house?

  10. Praying for a speedy recovery !

  11. It truly is the season for miracles! Thank you God! ♥p

  12. Oh, Jen! I’m crying! I am so happy there are no cancer cells in your blood! I’ll be praying for your surgery on Tuesday. PLEASE let me know, or have some of your people, let me know what I can do to help out if need be! I’ll be pryaing for strength during your recovery, healing, and His presence to be felt! Yay!!!!

  13. ohiofishergirl /

    Woohoo!!! Praying for you and your doctors on Tuesday and hoping that you, Brad, and the girls have a wonderful weekend!! Love you Jen!!

  14. Jen, may you breeze through the surgery so you can once again be NEDbulous! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Hugs! Sharon House

  15. Penny Kellam /

    I so need some Happy Thought bubbles but I see they are currently unavailable online. If I ask super nice would I be able to buy some from you for gifts this year? Feel free to delegate your answer to one of your lovely angels and I’ll totally understand if it takes a while to hear back from you.

    Sending Hope and Healing to you and yours…

  16. I have you covered in prayer from the other southern corner of the state. God bless!

  17. Jennifer /

    So many miracles in this message -fairy godmother friends, a hope-filled heart, the zero!!, that your team worked their magic to get your surgery booked …soon. Sending wishes & prayers that a return to Ned is gift-wrapped and delivered for Christmas.