Spread Happy

Nov 07

Spread Happy

It’s the anniversary of my lung surgery this week.  I woke up from that surgery last year to learn that the spot on my lung spotted by a scan was in fact a cancerous metastasis and not a fungus or weird lesion.  S%#$.  Bummer.

And yet, here I am again with No Evidence of Disease living a full free life.  Thank you Jesus.  And thank you Dr. Wonderful and team.

I’ve seen healing and continue to defy medical expectation repeatedly: no cancer in my liver, no cancer in my spine, and no cancer in my lung.  No matter what is to come, these miracles cannot be undone.  And regardless: I’m doing today well.

How fantastic is it that I have No Evidence of Disease one year post-op?!

Pretty freaking fabulous, people.  FANTASTIC.

I am so, so grateful for this blessing.  As ever, I like to spread happy mojo in celebration.

It got me thinking: I’m so blessed to be doing what I most love doing right now.  Loving my husband, raising my girls, living a beautiful life.  I think hope know I am making positive contributions to the world in the way that I am intentionally living out my life. Loving what you do and making a living by doing it is the holy grail in life’s careers.  I’m blessed that Brad and I together have created a life we’re proud of and grateful for.

I remember when I understood what my dad did for a living as a health insurance small business owner.  He explained to me, “My job is that I help other men/women take care of their families.  I like my job because I allow my clients to sleep peacefully at night  knowing that their families are secure and protected.”  I remember being bowled over with the weight of the sentiment, that he had such an important job.  I’m so proud to have a dad with such high integrity who loves serving people in this way.

Mom, too.  She and I started college at the same time for her to get her nursing degree.  I’m so impressed that she pursued a career because she always wanted one.  Now she serves her co-workers and patients constantly, and she’s really happy knowing she makes a very real difference during the minutes and hours she spends at the hospital.  She’s exceptional at what she does.

My sister is continuing to aggressively pursue her little business: Happy Thought Bubbles.  Her passion is for her beautiful glass creations to warm the hearts and homes of her customers.  Last month she had some significant setbacks: her business, the small business that it is, was stolen during a home invasion.  All of her business was in her backpack: her laptop (backed up to a hard drive, also stolen), her digital SLR camera, and — perhaps most importantly — a binder that contained all of her receipts and documentation for her baby business.  It’s all gone; it was/is devastating.

I’m so proud of her: she is not giving up.

In fact, her bootstraps are darn near worn out from all the pulling she’s been doing.

Meg’s handblown glass artwork is for sale on her website: www.HappyThoughtBubbles.com.  She’s hoping to expand her business: her bubbles make great sentimental gifts, employee holiday gifts, baby/wedding shower favors, and wedding favors.  She offers bulk discounts, personal requests, and specific color combinations.  She’s pursuing her holy grail career: making a living spreading literal happy thoughts.  I thought that some of you might like to find the holy grail of Christmas presents: something meaningful, handmade, and full of literal happiness.

Her bubbles are on her website, and (honestly!) they are the cheapest and highest quality available on the market.  Click over and check it out if you are looking for sentimental gift.  Read the vivid descriptions she includes with the bubbles.  She’s also got a Pinterest site for the business with tons of display ideas for people like me who aren’t creative and can’t think of anywhere to hang it except on a Christmas tree.

Share it on Facebook, Tweet it, spread some happiness.  I’m passionate about being a Dream Chaser and helping those around me do the same.  Time and again, blog readers have buoyed and unburdened me in the most selfless ways.  You people are the market for Happy Thought Bubbles: you want to spread joy.  I know, because that has been your gift to me.  Thank you.

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Please consider spreading more joy via Happy Thought Bubbles.

Love from Jen & Meg


  1. Connie /

    Jen- When you put the “Happy Thought Bubbles”on the blog – I ordered 3- surprised one of our daughters with one and a very special Aunt of mine-and I kept one- they absolutely loved them!!!and so do I!! I am so sorry to hear of her misfortune- but I know with the support she has- it will all be ok-
    Very happy that you are still no evidence of disease…thank you for sharing all of this!

  2. Charity Buchanan /

    I am the proud owner and gifted of many Happy Thought Bubbles. They are, in a word, beautiful. They rest proudly in my living room, surrounded by other pieces of hers. She is truly gifted!!

  3. Rachel /

    How timely! I follow your sister’s shop on Facebook and a lightbulb went off just 2 days ago about Christmas gifts and those pretty bubbles. I talked to my husband about it and that is what we are planning to do for all of the adults this year!

    So sorry to hear that she was vandalized. It is such a feeling of invasion of privacy, not to mention a huge hassle.

  4. Rachel /

    And YAY that you are still NED! Praise God everyday.