Sister is a verb

Jul 31

Sister is a verb


One of the best things I’ve done in a while is to take a seven mile walk in the woods with my sisters.  Seriously.  It was so. much. fun.  I love my sisters.

We sistered each other, and I feel my Jen-ness percolating.  I hope their -ness’s are percolating too.

This weekend was the first time we’d done a sister’s trip: it was suggested and gifted by dear friends who had the foresight to know what we needed before we had identified it as a need ourselves.  It won’t be the last.



  1. Kim Rourke /

    How wonderful! My sisters and I just started doing the same three years ago, and these adventures have become three of my favorite memories. We go beyond who we are as sisters as we discover more about who we are as women. Hats off to your clever friends for making this happen for you.

    P.S. Your pictures were amazing!

  2. Sharon /

    Alleluia I hear it loud and clear

  3. peggy /

    SO very happy you had this time together…so envious I have no sisters (and I’m NEVER envious about anything). ♥, p