My children underfoot

Jul 12

Our summer days are very free and fluid.  Sometimes we have a plan for the day, sometimes not.  If a thunderstorm crops up, we sit on the covered patio to watch it roll in or pop in a movie for some quiet time on the couch.  If it’s hot we do something in the water.  If it’s nice out we take advantage of one of the many outdoor play-places our town has to offer.

I’m not taking time to write much because I’m not wanting to miss these windows to play Lego, to color together, to wrap my arms around them and measure their height against my ribs.  I miss writing daily, but I’ve missed leisure with them more over this past winter season.  They do quite a bit of independent play as I keep up with the house jobs, and it is so fun to listen to them.  I love to eavesdrop on their imagination play as I move through the house.

We’ve been pool junkies for the month of June with Maren on the swim team and Greta in swimming lessons.  We don’t have to be at the pool until 10am, so it gives a leisurely morning since we are still early risers, and then we all enjoy having an energy-burner on the docket for the day.  Our afternoons vary widely.

Thanks to NanaRoz, we are doing the local library’s reading program.  Maren is going to the juvenile fiction section and choosing her own books.  She chooses 2-3 books a week and curls up for hours at a time to read.  We’ve read some Blume, Dahl and American Girl books, but her favorite summer series are the Mallory books by Laurie B. Friedman.   I choose most of Greta’s books as she grabs whatever is shiny at the instant.  Last week’s favorite, Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story by Cori Doerrfeld, was very giggle-worthy and we read it so many times she was able to recite it (almost verbatim) to Brad at dinner.

Maren has mastered her (24″!) bicycle that she got for her birthday.  (Yes, she’s a tall girl!)  It’s got hand brakes, which made me nervous, but she transistioned with no problem whatsoever.  It’s got gears, but we haven’t taught her how to operate them yet.  As I type this I realize I should offer to teach her… she’s more capable than I give her credit for sometimes.  Greta still prefers the toddler tricycles to the bigger bikes with training wheels.  It’s a surprising departure from her usual bend on always-wanting-to-be-a-big-girl.  We load up the bikes and take them to a big parking lot about once a week since linear biking is not complimentary to a three-year-old and a seven-year-old.

Maren is in charge of her own swim bag this year: she keeps track of her own flippers, goggles, hairbrush and cap.  She’s also responsible for hanging up wet items to dry so they are ready for the next day.  She (mostly) does her own sunscreen application.  Managing her own pool bag is teaching her that the tedious jobs are still important, and I love not keeping track of all those items.  She is very proud of herself for completing a legal 25 meter butterfly this season–something I’m not sure I ever did on swim team!

Now, at five weeks into summer, Greta has mastered doing bobs in the pool… a big achievement and progression from the beginning of the summer when she didn’t want to put any part of her head/face in the water.  She’s eager to learn to swim like Maren but unwilling to take the big risk to step off of the steps, let go of the floatie, or jump in.  She may or may not get there this season, but it is fun to watch her progress.  In true Greta fashion, she wildly celebrates each victory with self-proclamations of awesomeness and wiggly dances.  Often, when I type “Greta” I end up with “Great”.  She is indeed “Greta the Great.”

Greta’s come to ask me to play with her… so off I go.  No elegant ending, no final thought.  Just knowing that I’m in this delightful season with my children underfoot in the most wonderful way…


  1. Newbyfriend /

    Sounds like what summer vacation is all about!
    I will be visit Dr.W on Monday will I have the pleasure of seeing you? Around 1pm.

  2. LOVE reading about all of your summertime adventures! This kind of stuff is what life is really all about <3
    Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. What a fantastic mom you are! I love your pace and priorities

  4. KellyE /

    It has been so wonderful to run into you this summer with your beautiful girls. Summer is good and God is great! Continued prayers for you and yours.

  5. Erika /

    Love this. Once in a while I need a little reminder of why exactly I chose to stay at home with the babes. This time is precious. Thank you!

  6. Rachel /

    Sounds just perfect! Way to prioritize the good stuff.