She’s all in

Jun 22

She’s all in

Greta came over to me at the pool with a pouty face.  She had her arms crossed, stomped her feet, and a mega scowl, “Mommy!  My fwiend took my bucket.”  She held this pose of outrage while she waited me to save her from the worst atrocity in the world.

Me, in my exaggerated happy nonchalant voice: “No problem G; it’s good to give her a turn.  I think I have another bucket in the bag right there–go check.”

Greta skulks over to the bag and roots around to find a small pink bucket.  She clasps it over her head as if it were a trophy and squeals, “A bucket!!!  YESSSS!!!!”  She then runs over to her friend: “Wook fwiend!  I have a bucket too!!!  Now we can bowf pway pouring!”  It became the greatest moment of victory in the world.

My friend turned to me and said, “Greta really only has two speeds.”

I laughed, and agreed.  That’s G.

Here she is after receiving art from her friend in the mail.  That’s totally what you do when you get mail, right?


Here’s the evidence after she swiped all of her birthday thank-yous and opened them all because she loves mail.  And this is why I never get anything actually checked off my list(s).  Womp, womp.IMG_2466

Here she is being perfectly delightful on the sidelines of Maren’s activities.  She’s a pretty fun side kick most days.

IMG_2505 IMG_8873


(Not pictured is the day that she threw an 84 minute fit in the parking lot outside the pool.  Not the best day, for either of us.  The silver lining was that this very public tantrum lead to a lot of fist pumps of solidarity from every mother passing through the parking lot that day.  Fist pumps helped.  We’ve all been-there-done-that.)

The little scene was so Greta.  She spent ten minutes “weading Mawen’s book”.  When I asked her why… “Because it has chapters.”  Obviously, right?



She’s three.  She’s adorable and obnoxious, but even her obnoxiousness is hilarious.

I’m lucky to be her Mama.  I love that she’s all in: she feels big, she loves big, she lives big.  I love that I get to watch her grow and — hopefully — help her channel her power for good!


  1. Patty /

    Love this… 🙂

  2. She swiped and opened her birthday thank you notes… I can’t decide if that’s a laughing or crying moment, but either way, she is definitely all in!

  3. Maureen /

    My kids (now 8 and 10) love to hear these types of tails about themselves and delight in the moments when mom had a mom moment (cheers from other moms to keep going!). Well done.

  4. Julie /

    I think that must be from your side of the family right and Maren the Talford side 🙂 Either way she is truly blessed to call you mom and you have the patience of a saint!

  5. I love you find the beauty and potential in all aspects of someone. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom.