Praying for normal sick…

May 18

So I’m still sick.

It’s day 12 of cold symptoms with random sore throat, voice comes and goes, funky cough, and I’m generally achy with low energy.  You know, pitiful.  I can do my Mom Jobs, but I feel Blah.  Chief Sister, Phenom, Brad, and Rozzinator have all stepped up to assist with the kiddos.  I’ve had to swap healing and resting for some fun activities.  I saw my primary care doc twice last week, and completed a z pack of antibiotics today.  And yet: still sick.

Tomorrow I’m going to go see Dr. Wonderful (it’s shot day, so I have to go in anyway), and I’m going to tell him I’m still sick.  I don’t really know what he’ll say.  I’m hoping he’ll say, “Jen, you have a bad cold/virus/infection–here is some stronger medicine to make it better.”

I will say, “Thank you Dr. Wonderful!”  I am excited to resume real life again: I have a swim team suit to buy for one kid and swimming lessons to sign another kid up for and a bunch of planning to do.  Because: summer!  Summer is awesome!   I’m so excited to have both my kids home all day.

Anytime there is a hint of something-not-quite-right, I have to pray extra “Lord, please keep the cancer away” prayers because I start to worry.  And, as a rule, I resolve not to worry, so it is problematic when things are not-quite-right.

Would you please that I am “Normal Sick” and not “Cancer Sick”.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain the chasm that separates those two scenarios…


  1. Lisa Smith /

    praying now Jen, in the name of Jesus. love you.

  2. Lisa /

    Praying for normal sick!!

  3. I’m sending every spare ounce of positive energy & good thoughts your way — may you receive the ‘good’ news tomorrow of “normal sickness” and be back on your feet enjoying your beautiful family again SOON!!

  4. Nikki /

    Praying for ‘notmal sick’! We missed you so much at WRITE! Lotsa loves to you!

  5. Janey McKinney /

    So praying that The Lord will give you peace and heal you and settle your spirit that because of all the chemo you’ve just gone thru………your body reacts so much more severely to the common virus’s out there!

  6. Amy Wheeler /

    Praying for normal sick, and for your general mental strength…I can’t imagine how scary even just a cold could be. We have had very similar symptoms over here for two weeks now, and it looks like just really bad allergies. I know we are in Texas, but it could certainly be something like that! Prayers that it is only allergies or a bad cold. xoxoxo

  7. laura /

    Praying for normal sick, and praying for healing and healthy, in Jesus’ name.

  8. Janya /

    We all missed you this weekend. Now it’s time to get well!

  9. Praying. Know this- I teach school- we have had a near-epidemic outbreak of a virus that mimics the flu, and it is lasting anywhere from 7-22 days. I hope that eases you a little until you see your Dr.

  10. Lori6NV /

    Prayers for normal sick. I’ve heard it’s a really bad cold & allergy season this spring, everywhere. I’m sure that’s the reason (just getting over a horrible sinus infection myself!). Hang in there!

  11. diane allen /

    Praying. i always do. ..even if i don’t tell you..:)

  12. Patty /

    I don’t want you sick at all but I pray it is normal sick!

  13. Kim Rourke /

    My mantra for today…. “normal sick, normal sick, normal sick, normal sick……” Always in my prayers!

  14. Bonnie J /

    Oh no 🙁 I know we’ve had the same symptoms going on for awhile as well BUT we have Not gone through what you have. Praying that you feel better soon and that this is the normal cold/allergy deal. Love you !! Praying for your Dr.appt 2

  15. Dave /

    Praying all day for you!

  16. Genora /

    No weapon formed against you, shall prosper, for Greater is He , Who Is In You, than he who is in the world. By His Stripes You Are Healed!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Genora /

    In The Name Of Jesus, You Are Healed.

  18. Heading out the door now for a walk amongst wildflowers and birdsong to pray for you. ♥

  19. Rachel /

    I pray for complete and quick healing of your body!! hope your drs appt is helpful today. Chin up. 🙂

  20. Rita O'Brien /

    I’ve got your back Jen. Normal sick it is!!!

  21. Mary /

    Praying for normal sick never felt so right. Love and prayers coming your way, Jen.

  22. annie /

    Thinking about you and praying for you today.

  23. Jennifer /

    Prayers and healing wishes are being sent.