Seat warmers and grace

May 13

Phew!  It’s been a crazy week.  I came down with a cold last Wednesday, which morphed into laryngitis by Friday.  It took all my energy (and some assists from my awesome family and friends) to get everything together for Greta’s birthday party Friday night and the baby shower on Saturday.  Sunday I took a turn for the worse — I think it was the flu — and spent the whole day in bed.  (I’ve promised Maren a Mother’s Day Do-Over since I think she was even more disappointed than I was.)  Yesterday, I rallied to get up and going to my oncology appointment, but Greta’s teacher called as I was about to leave: Greta had a sore ear and needed to be picked up.  I cancelled my doctor’s appointment (life of a mom, right?), and I took her to the pediatrician instead.  We picked up her medicine and spent much of the day watching TV together.  I did the essentials, but I was Wimpy Mom, for sure.  When Brad got home at 6:30, I thought: Thank God for my amazing husband to the rescue.  Even though he’s been working hard since five in the morning, I know he’ll take over and I can go. back. to. bed.

It feels weird to get “regular sick”.  I’m used to “chemo sick” — wherein I plan child care and activities around my expected time in bed.  Regular sick is inconvenient–I’ve got stuff to do!

Today I’m at my rescheduled oncology appointment, and feeling like I am mostly over the worst of the flu (yay) but still with a hefty lingering cold (boo).  Nurse Practitioner Rockstar told me I’m down nine pounds in a week which means yes, I’ve been very sick.  I’m at a difference office today since I follow Dr. Wonderful around the city as he works.  I don’t mind the new office though because these Chemo Room chairs have seat warmers.  Trust me–it is fabulous.

I’ve not really tackled any of the items on my To Do list that I wrote last week when I talked about my Mothering Attack.  It’s logical that I haven’t made any progress: there’s the sicky stuff, and the party stuff, and the life-keeps-going stuff.  I’ve been operating at bare minimum for a week when it would have been really nice to be in full on Go Mode.  And, honestly, re-reading that list kind of stressed me out.  I’m hoping I’ll have a miraculous collision of time and energy to knock out the “stuff.”  In the meantime I’ll keep praying for grace.  Sometimes I’m a much better pray-er than do-er.  Grace is an amazing thing.

I’m laughing at myself that in this blog I’ve been very excited about two things: seat warmers and grace.  That about sums up my days.  I find the sweetness in every crevice and corner I can, and then I rely on God to give me the strength to turn sour in to sweet when I cannot.

Prayers for health and healing and energy and All The Good Things!


  1. Marlayne Skeens /

    Amen To Everything you said ~ :-)Keep Smiling 🙂 Prayers 🙂

  2. Sharon House /

    May your days ahead be healthy and happy. I visited your girls at your moms. They are beyond precious. I got to sing Happy Birthday to Greta, then they were off for a bath with Super Grandma!

  3. Tiffany /

    Definitely praying for brighter days ahead where you’re able to check off your to do list but continue to give yourself the grace that you deserve! You don’t need Mother’s Day to celebrate what an amazing mom that you are! I know your girls celebrate that everyday and they are so lucky and blessed to have you!

  4. Patty /

    You continue to amaze me…

  5. Bonnie J /

    To me. …. Mother’s Day is an every day event. …. I revel in the Blessing that the Lord bestowed on me in the form of Motherhood since I wasn’t really sure it would happen. Your girls LOVE and RELISH you every day 🙂