Happy May

May 05

Happy May

Brad and I kicked of May in Hawaii, and oh-my-word it was an amazing trip.  We’re calling it our ten-year-anniversary trip (technically 10 1/3), and we can’t wait to take the girls when they are old enough to handle the hiking.  It was fabulous to spend so much focused time with each other and to be dazzled — truly dazzled — by all that Kauai has to offer.  Brad told me our destination four months ago, but he kept all of the details as a surprise and the trip really was the perfect blend of us.  Magical, truly.  I love my husband!


SuperGramma and SuperGrandpa swooped in once again to stay with Maren and Greta to keep the school and home front schedule running.  SuperGramma’s last two extended stays have been for my hospitalizations/surgeries, so it was refreshing for me to be doing fun things instead of medical things whilst the girls were rocking with their grandparents.  Everyone reports that it was an awesome week all around for them at home too.  Win!  (And thank you SuperGs!)


I have about a bajillion things racing through my mind that I want to blog about, so we’ll see how well I can crank those out–everything from memorable hikes I’ve taken to Greta learning to draw circles to progress on my word wall.  If you contacted me in the past few months and I haven’t gotten back to you–I’m so sorry; I plan to start working my way back through emails and comments to belatedly get in touch, but feel free to try again if I haven’t responded.  Today I took email off of my phone in an attempt to force myself to reply as I read.  Too often I read email on the fly and think to myself “I’ll reply soon”, and then I never go back and do it.  It’s a bad habit I’m trying to break.

Maren’s birthday was the week before we left, and Greta’s is this week so I’ve been operating at  warp speed to do regular life plus birthday stuff plus pre/post trip organizing.  Luckily I’m refreshed after our week away, so I’ve recovered from the seven-years-old celebrations, and I’m geared up for the soon-to-be-three celebrations!

My week away with Brad was such a reminder of all the things I love about him and how much I love us, together.  He is amazing and makes me the best version of myself.  I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to my man.  Love!


  1. Lisa Smith /

    Congrats Jen! I’m so happy to hear this! You deserve it! xoxoxoxo

    • Ann Yelle /

      I loved Kauai. So glad that you enjoyed “the garden isle.” That man of yours sounds pretty special. Glad that you are doing so well. Will be eager to hear how your arm did with the long flight.

  2. So happy to read about your wonderful trip and good times with your hubby!

  3. annie /

    It made me happy to read how much you enjoyed your vacation with Brad. You both deserve a vacation after a long winter’s hard work.

  4. Patty /

    That is awesome as are you two together…

  5. Roslyn /

    It is lovely to have you home again. Your chatty texts, your constant availability, your blog were a huge absence. I am glad for you to have the special time. I am SO glad to have you be “normal” in our life. We missed you. Xo

  6. Lindsay /

    Yay! So glad you had a lovely time!

  7. Lori6NV /

    Your trip looked awesome! I love Hawaii! I’m also in the midst of 3rd birthday planning. Hang in there, enjoy the chaos.

  8. Marion /

    So happy that you had an awesome vacation! You deserve every second of it.