Energetic Jen returns

Apr 09

We are back from our amazing New York City Love-venture.  It was awesome; everything I hoped it would be and more.  I’m exceptionally grateful as so many people came together to make this trip for us; I really do have the most amazing village.  And, more and more, I know that life takes a village.  Maren and I will treasure many special moments about the trip for the rest of our lives.

Having the four of us back under one roof is awesome.  On the way home from the airport I was literally fidgeting the whole way home–I was so excited to see Greta.  Maren and Brad were equally excited, I think.  And Greta’s reaction didn’t disappoint: she is masterful at flinging her entire body at you with enthusiasm and passion.  I love that willful confident leap as she jettisons into my arms: she knows I’ll catch her and sweep her into my arms for a giant hug.  Greta really does give the best hugs; she’s not one for a sideways squeeze, she is all in every time.  That pretty much sums up Greta, she does everything with a whole lot of gusto!

It’s hard to believe the week is half over: we are busy!

I’m working on organizing the photos from our NYC trip and working to put them in a book.  (Fun project.)  I’m reorganizing the girls things and clearing out as they grow up and out of some of their things.  (Not as fun project.)  I’m also going through our file cabinet.  (Not fun project.)

I went on my first run/jog yesterday; I loved being out there doing it, but I didn’t love the view from the bottom as I start the long uphill climb back to fitness.  Ouch.

I have a tiny bit of hair.  It’s super soft and there’s not enough of it to determine color yet.  I’m crossing fingers I get my curly red hair back, but I’m saving my prayers for praying that my cancer stays away.  I can handle whatever hair I get and I’ll always be a redhead at heart!

My lymphedema is acting up, probably from the recent airplane travel, and exacerbated by Energetic Jen who is doing a lot of catch-up work around the house.  My left arm/hand is swollen and puffy.  It’s not painful (yet) but it’s something I need to keep a close eye on.  I have two compression sleeves/gauntlets from LympheDIVAs (a fantastic company if anyone is looking for lymphedema products), but if I’m going to be wearing them 24/7 like I have since I got home Sunday night, I’m going to need some more!  (I have mild lymphedema in my left arm as a result of my 8/2012 mastectomy surgery where I also had lymph nodes removed from under my left arm; air travel and exercise/activity can exacerbate the condition.)

I have no doctors appointments this week.  It’s the first week since October since that’s happened!  Its a blessing to have the energy to do normal things like go to both Costco and Kroger in the same day.  To do laundry and clean up the toys in the same day.  Actually, it’s pretty amazing to just be able to do several activities in a row, without having to take a nap/break/rest in between.  The difference is hard to put into words, but I definitely am feeling stronger.  Hopefully my energy will continue to increase as the days go by.  In the meantime, I’m a busy, happy wife and mama.  I’m planning my daughter’s birthday parties, impatiently waiting for my daffodils to bloom, and spring cleaning.  These days are happy days.  Love!


  1. How wonderful to be busy and happily doing all the things that many others bemoan. Perhaps we all need to learn a lesson from the delight you are taking in going to Kroger and picking up toys.

    So glad that your New York trip was all you had hoped it would be. You really can’t go wrong in the city that never sleeps.

    Enjoy the spring and as you see all the beautiful new flowers and new leaves on the trees, compare these to the new life that you have been given. I will continue to pray that you remain cancer free.

    • Linda /

      I have lung cancer; to read your blog is an inspirational to me. What a wonderful delight to simply be engaged in the ordinariness of everyday life with such aplomb.

      • Annie /

        And you are quite something (!) just writing that. Bless you.

  2. Ok Jen. I ate an M and M today!! So happy to hear good news !

  3. Ann Yelle /

    Happy days. So glad that your days are filled with “happy.” For information purposes, I wear my sleeve every day. I had 28 lymph nodes out in November 2011 and have pain if I don’t wear it. I wouldn’t say I have swelling though. I also have a machine that I got a year ago to deal with the lymph issue. Email me if you would like information on it. I use it almost daily and it keeps the swelling down. Would so love to meet you if ever you are in the Eau Claire area visiting family.

  4. Lisa Smith /

    WHO HAS THE ENERGY FOR BOTH COSTCO AND KROGER IN THE SAME DAY?!?!? Jen you are rocking this whole Mama thing. Love you. xoxo

  5. Tiffany /

    Everything about this post just warms my heart! Will keep praying for your energy to soar and you have packed days doing nothing but being an amazing mom and wife!

  6. Costco and Kroger in one day would wear me out! Please remember to put your feet up and rest occasionally. The return to health and vigorous activity doesn’t have to be as full-on as Greta’s wonderful hugs. (That’s my mom voice speaking to you.) ♥

  7. Marsha Vonderwish /

    So very happy for yo to have ‘normal’ days! Keeping you in my prayers.

  8. I am so glad the trip was fabulous for you and Marin. Welcome back to mundane chores and healthiness and the joy of just living life! 🙂