Focusing in

Mar 31

I’m loving Maren at this age for many reasons.  One of them is that she is just now hitting the age where her memories last.  I mostly know this because I think back to my own childhood memories: I remember making friendship bracelets, reading Judy Blume, making mud pies and flower petal perfume, adoring my Kirsten American Girl doll, and other little-girl pleasures.  I watch Maren doing these things and I am delighted because it brings my own happy memories rushing back, and I know the fun imprint all these things are making on her.

She lost a tooth in the restaurant last night, so we tucked it into the coin purse of my wallet and wondered if the New York Tooth Fairy would visit us, or whether the Cincinnati Tooth Fairy would make the trip.  She was so tired last night that we both forgot about the tooth, but she was delighted when we found my wallet open and a dollar bill sticking out of the coin purse when she woke this morning.  She was bedazzled that even though she “broke protocol” by not having the tooth under the pillow, the Tooth Fairy still came.  She may or may not have made the comment that the New York City T.F. is a lot more on top of her game than the Cincinnati T.F.  For the record, she’s right; the Cincinnati T.F. is a lot more distracted.

Today marks the 3-week cycle day where I should be in the chemo room.  For the past eighteen weeks, I have been frenetic on this Monday evening: amped up on steroids, a weird taste in my mouth, and busy-busy-busy as I anticipate the slide that is to follow in the 72 hours after treatment.  As much as I value the time that I spend in the chemo room–it is life-giving in more ways than one–I was delighted to not be there today.

Instead, today I lifted my face to the sun, held the hand of my favorite six-year-old, and soared through New York City.  Today felt like spring: the birth of new life and hope.  After a fun and busy couple of days, we took a break tonight to recharge: we got carry-out dinner and watched Night at the Museum in anticipation of our visit to the American Museum of Natural History later this week.  Tomorrow we hit the ground running again: more memories to be made.

This trip is everything I hoped it would be.  I love focusing in on my girl.  Love!


  1. ShannonK /

    Oh Jen! I am so glad you two are having a good time! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Melissa Pizzato /

    Congrats on making it through the chemo cycle in such style Jen! It’s so great that you’re celebrating with such a special and memorable holiday! Enjoy every second and keep these wonderful posts coming as I feel like I’m right there with you experiencing every moment 😉

  3. Lisa Smith /

    It’s such a weird comment, but I cannot hold it back any longer: I wish you were my mom! Love you Jen

  4. Janya /

    Yeah, I’m up for adoption too, Jen!

  5. Love!! 🙂

  6. Lori6NV /

    So glad you’re having a wonderful trip!

  7. Kim Rourke /

    Not sure why…. but you gave me a “Mary Tyler Moore” moment! I see you both twirling and throwing your hats to the wind! Love, love, love that you are making these memories.

  8. peggy /

    You are a WONDERFUL mom because you have a wonderful mom who has a wonderful mum…seems wonderful mums run in the family 🙂 Glad you’re both making memories and remembering them. But most of all I’m glad you’re not facing another Chemo slide. It’s time to break out of that routine ForEVER!!!(PS…could you be my trip planner? This NYC journey sounds like so darn much fun!) ♥p

  9. Bonnie J /

    These days are priceless! !! Memories never to be forgotten ! This is a rare and unique opportunity for the both of you indeed 🙂

  10. Living vicariously thru you and Maren, have fun! 🙂

  11. Aunt annie /

    The NYC tooth fairy has her wings a fluttering! Tell Maren I’d like to see a picture of her toothless grin!